Backup Server Control

Some screenshots can give you a first impression how to work with the program.


  • Set up a Time MachineĀ® server on your MacĀ® with a few mouse clicks. Other Macs in your local network can use the server as central backup destination.
  • Organize one or more Time Machine share points (SMB protocol).
  • Define optional quota settings for a Time Machine backup destination.
  • Enforce the use of encrypted SMB if necessary.
  • Review all backup sets created by the Macs in your local network on your Time Machine server.
  • Retrieve detail data such as the latest and earliest Time Machine snapshots, encryption status, or backup history.
  • Remove backups of decommissioned Macs from the server.

Important: Apple has intentionally limited the network features of Time Machine in up-to-date versions of macOS. Only client systems running macOS 10.12 Sierra or later are supported.