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macOS Big SurWe know macOS and its NeXT roots from the very beginning. Hardware support, networking, integration in corporate environments, and software development: We look after your Apple Macintosh on all levels with excellent products and services. Worldwide renowned applications like our TinkerTool program series speak for themselves. In addition to the good side we are also familiar with the bad sides of macOS, so we usually can find a solution even for tricky problems.

If you don't know us yet, just test one of the trial or full versions of our software. All relevant packages are available for download.

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Quality by design

Effectiveness and customization to individual needs are the basis for creating IT systems that stand out due to ergonomics and highest quality. No matter if mass product or individually tailored solution: Competence and good design, from a technological, economic, as well as aesthetic point-of-view are the basis for customer satisfaction.