Download Backup Server Control

You can download the application Backup Server Control at no charge. This allows you to evaluate the software to see if it suits your needs. During the test phase, only the following restrictions apply:

  • A window with the note Running in Demo Mode appears each time the application is started.
  • The application may ask you to do a simple mathematical addition before you can use any features.
  • There are no other limitations regarding the functionality of the software.

If you like to use the software permanently, you'll have to place an order for the required number of usage licenses. For each license you will receive a so-called registration file containing a registration code which will allow you to switch the application from demo mode to normal operation.

Distributing or leasing the application or its license to third parties is prohibited without prior written permission. In particular, you have no permission to transfer the registration to somebody else. The exact contractual obligations for licensing the software are shown and can be printed after you have opened the downloaded software package.

Security Information

To verify that the download package is authentic and has not been altered by a third party, you can verify its SHA-256 checksum.

The SHA-256 checksum for the current version of the download file is 2dbdfca1542b208c56d7ba356c260a63c2a2f6126dc992e429027f7a161e1c14.