Backup Server Control

Backup Server
              ControlBackup Server Control provides a graphical user interface to setup and administer a server for network-based Time Machine® backups with a few mouse clicks on a Macintosh®. Other Macs running macOS Sierra or later can perform backups on the Time Machine server. The current status of network backups can be reviewed any time.

A Time Machine server running on a Mac can be very powerful. It is easy to handle and offers good scaling. By adding new disk drives, the service can be extended any time when needed, matching new requirements for increasing storage sizes or when new computers arrive.

Note: Backup Server Control configures a Mac as a Time Machine destination. It is not designed to manage other types of Time Machine Servers, e.g. third-party file servers, NAS devices, or the Apple Time Capsule.

The software is distributed electronically. You can download the product and test it before you decide to purchase a license for unrestricted usage.