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Known Issues

It is safe to run PrefEdit with early seeding versions of macOS 10.14, but you may receive incomplete data and incorrect security warnings: Because current versions of PrefEdit were not explicitly designed for macOS Mojave, the program cannot get permission to access data of specially protected applications, such as Safari or Contacts, for example. This includes the preference settings of these applications. If you try to open affected preference files, PrefEdit will silently reject the request or indicate that 0 settings are available. You may additionally receive misleading security warnings, e.g. a message that PrefEdit attempts to access your private data when you instruct PrefEdit to open a folder holding a protected application's preferences.

Workaround: These issues will be addressed in a future version of PrefEdit designed to run with macOS Mojave. It is not possible to provide such a version already, because Apple is still working on these privacy features. They are neither ready, nor documented.

Release Notes

There are currently no known problems that require additional documentation.