PrefEdit Screenshots

The following pictures give you an impression on typical work with the application. Click on a picture to display it in full size.

Preferences Database Domain Inspector
After launching PrefEdit, the different components (preference domains) of the macOS preferences database will be listed. PrefEdit can automatically find the domain which is responsible to hold the preference settings of a given application. Detail information about preference domains can be shown in an inspector panel.
Find in Preferences Database settings
You can search for settings and their names in the entire preferences database of macOS. You can view and change any aspect of the raw preference settings.
Description according to preference manifest Manifest
PrefEdit can automatically detect if an application is providing metadata for certain preference settings. In this case, the full documentation for this setting can be displayed. PrefEdit is capable of decoding preference manifests for the Managed Client feature of macOS.
Preferences Search Path Versions feature
Another advanced feature of PrefEdit is to visualize macOS's internal search path for preferences. PrefEdit fully supports the Versions feature of macOS.