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TinkerTool System 8 Version History

Release 8.1 (Build 221205)

  • Added new pane to regain access to the power schedule of macOS. As in older versions of the System Preferences application, the Mac’s features to schedule power-on, shutdown, sleep or restart events in regular time intervals during the week can be controlled by a few mouse-clicks.
  • In addition, the power schedule of macOS for one-time events can be reviewed and fully edited.
  • A toolbar was added to the main control window. It will cause macOS to show the titlebar of the window with a more aesthetically pleasant look.
  • Optional control items have been moved from the sidebar to the toolbar.
  • The items in the sidebar now automatically respect the user’s general preference setting for sidebar display size.
  • The items in the sidebar now maintain their status information for expanded or collapsed sub-items when relaunching the application.
  • A new preference setting was added to allow the user to always prefer the feature overview of a pane instead of having the last used sub-feature opened.
  • All Internet links in the Quick Context Help feature have been updated because Apple has finally published the user manual for macOS Ventura.
  • This version fixes a problem where the general reset feature may not have worked as expected for the Cloud Protection pane.

Release 8.0 (Build 221019)

  • Added full support for macOS 13 Ventura. TinkerTool System 8 can only be used with macOS 13 or later. It allows the integration of TinkerTool 9.
  • The application uses a completely new user interface, based on the style specifications for the program “System Settings”. This also includes searching for features by keyword.
  • The application window can now be resized. When showing tables with many columns, previous additional functions to “show in separate window” are no longer necessary.
  • A new button has been added to optimize the currently shown pane in size, automatically selecting the smallest possible size to control all user interface objects.
  • The auxiliary program for privileged operations now uses the latest Ventura technologies. It is no longer necessary to install it upon first start, it only needs an approval to run.
  • If you integrate TinkerTool into TinkerTool System, its panes will also become accessible by keyword search.
  • The feature to scan open network ports had to be removed. The necessary components are no longer available in macOS 13.
  • The feature to automatically clear erroneous background services is blocked temporarily. Ventura uses new technologies to control such services, but they are currently not mature enough. It is planned to re-enable this feature later when macOS 13 has reached the necessary level of reliability.

TinkerTool System 8 begins a new product line. The section above lists changes in comparison to TinkerTool System 7, version 7.91. For more information about the version history of TinkerTool System 7, please see the respective application.