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TinkerTool System 8 Version History

Release 8.93 (Build 240612)

This release adds preliminary support for future versions of macOS.

Release 8.92 (Build 240515)

  • Added new feature to reset the macOS time synchronization service (on the pane Issues). This can repair the operating system in cases where it continuously sets wrong time and date.
  • The filtering options when retrieving log entries from the macOS log database now permit to use identifiers and names containing spaces.
  • The general icons indicating successful or failing operations have been modernized throughout the application. They will now better match the design of up-to-date macOS versions.
  • Internal modifications and updates necessary to adapt to changes in recent versions of macOS.
  • Fixes a problem where it was possible to leave the pane for Power Schedule settings without saving changes.
  • Fixes a problem especially with slow computers where retrieving entries from the macOS log database could sometimes fail with an error message indicating a possible syntax error.

Release 8.91 (Build 240417)

  • Added new feature to separate or extract logs for specific process instances after a query has been made in the macOS log database.
  • The user interface to work with the macOS database has been slightly redesigned.
  • Fixed a problem where the options to retrieve source program and “signpost” information from the macOS log database did not work as expected.
  • Changed error handling for cases where Apple blocks maintenance access to the macOS Software Update Service in operating systems published after March 2024.
  • Several changes in the internal application architecture.

Release 8.9 (Build 240214)

  • The feature to work with Spotlight was completely rewritten to supported the latest operating system versions. The corresponding user interface was redesigned.
  • Added new detail panel when reviewing the Spotlight index of a volume.
  • Added progress display when discarding or restoring unprotected user caches.
  • Added new diagnostic features to determine whether and why macOS is slow when processing inactive user caches.
  • All tables where bullets are used to indicate yes/no status information now use larger bullet characters for better readability.

Release 8.89 (Build 240111)

  • Added new features for authorization of privileged operations. The application will now allow authentication of administrative users in additional special cases previously not permitted:
    • authorization within a running login session of a non-administrator
    • authorization by administrators with empty passwords in operating system versions that don’t block this generally
    • authorization in cases where multiple users are logged in, but the affected user is not on the frontmost console session
  • Administrators can return to the previous stricter authorization policies if needed.
  • Added features on the Power Schedule pane that allow the definition of repeating events with more complex configurations. It is now possible to define arbitrary combinations of weekdays to trigger power events.
  • Added a refresh button on the pane to remove slow-motion screen savers (macOS Sonoma only).
  • Updated list of system services that perform automatic cleanup of storage space.
  • Small changes in data presentation on the pane for RAM size evaluation.
  • Fixed a problem where the layout of integrated TinkerTool panes was not as intended with specific operating system versions and languages.

Release 8.88 (Build 231116)

  • Added new feature to remove the large files of optional Apple slow-motion screen savers immediately if necessary (macOS 14 or later only).
  • Added support for new Background Item technology in upcoming versions of macOS.
  • Added support for testing fans on Macs with M3 processors.
  • All features that search or modify files selected by the user have been revised to avoid conflicts with iCloud or cloud solutions of other vendors. Opening affected folders will no longer trigger automatic synchronization downloads executed by macOS.
  • Updated support for cleaning kernel core dump files.

Release 8.87 (Build 231024)

  • Added new feature to remove history entries from the user’s “Go to folder” panel of the Finder.
  • The feature to reset home folder permissions for a user account was rewritten completely:
    • The accuracy when recreating the recommended permission settings of a fresh macOS user account has become even higher.
    • The folder modification dates will now only be changed if necessary.
    • Files owned by the operating system will now be included in the reset procedure.
    • A new reminder dialog makes the user aware that cloud synchronization should be avoided while the reset operation is running.
  • Added support for new authentication situations available in macOS Sonoma.
  • The quick help feature was updated to consider Apple’s latest additions to macOS reference manuals.
  • Many small changes and optimizations in the user interface.
  • Fixed a problem where TinkerTool System for Recovery Mode (ttsfrm) could show a misleading error message on Macs with Apple Silicon.
Note: Users who like to integrate TinkerTool into TinkerTool System need to update TinkerTool to version 9.6 or later for technical reasons.

Release 8.86 (Build 230925)

  • Added full support for macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • Added new options to reset the privacy settings for Location Services, Motion & Fitness (macOS 14 or later only), and Passkeys Access for Web Browsers.
  • Added new features for software developers when performing a security check on a single application that is not planned to be distributed through the App Store: It can be validated whether an application is ready either to be submitted to Apple’s notary service, or to be executed on customer computers. This feature is only available for macOS 14 or later.
  • Users can now also go back to the overview menu of a pane with subitems by clicking onto the pane in the sidebar.
  • Due to architectural changes in recent Macintosh models and macOS versions, the feature to disable System Integrity Protection by mouse click via the emergency utility (ttsfrm) had to be removed.
  • Fixed a problem where the current status of System Integrity Protection may not have been shown correctly on Macs with Apple Silicon.

Release 8.85 (Build 230816)

  • Added new feature to the monitor test. It is now possible to add a moving black raster overlay with a grid size of 1 or 2 physical pixels to the color screens. This can make it even easier to detect hanging or dead pixels on high resolution displays.
  • Added a workaround for a design flaw in macOS Ventura which could prevent the creation of install media for older versions of OS X and macOS.
  • Added further support for future versions of macOS.
  • Some workflows on the Install Media pane have been modified to work more efficiently.
  • The instructions on the Emergency Tool pane for working with TinkerTool System on macOS Recovery systems now use special markers to identify spaces in the necessary Terminal command more clearly.

Release 8.8 (Build 230712)

  • Added new feature to change the time specifications for file system objects. This includes, if available, time of last modification, last access, last backup, and the creation time. The time of last status change is shown additionally.
  • Added new feature to support the revised beta test procedures of macOS. On the Info pane, the indicator Release Status on the Operation Environment page was replaced by a System Update Source field.
  • Added new field for idle latency in the results of the macOS network responsiveness test.
  • Added further support for future operating systems.
  • Many small changes in the user interface reflecting new developments in macOS.
  • Fixed a problem where the Finder copy operation checks could not be run, because macOS prevented it.

Release 8.7 (Build 230614)

  • Added new feature to detect and clear orphaned Access Control List permissions from a local volume. Orphaned ACLs refer to accounts no longer present on the system.
  • Added new feature to indicate the true type of file system objects presented by the Finder as alias.
  • Added new feature to transfer orphaned files which no longer have a known owner to other user accounts. This is an alternative option for the feature known for years to automatically remove such files.
  • Added new feature to repair the operating system in cases where macOS does not allow TinkerTool System to launch successfully due to corrupt settings for Background Items. The corresponding situation is detected automatically.
  • Added preliminary support for future operating systems.
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with specific versions of macOS where deleting a Time Machine snapshot was always rejected with error code 2 if the backup destination was an APFS volume.

Release 8.6 (Build 230515)

  • Added new feature to check, enable, or disable automatic defragmentation for APFS volumes on magnetic disks.
  • Added new features to guide users through the limitations of macOS 13 that affect the application’s approval for Background Items and Full Disk Access.
  • The Info pane now also shows the version number of Apple’s XProtect antivirus software in addition to the version of the malware definition files.
  • The security policy for access to the Power Schedule settings has changed: As in former versions of System Settings, separate administrator authentication is no longer necessary.
  • The features to check integrity of the EFI firmware and Broadcom Ethernet firmware on Intel-based Macs have to be removed until further notice. Current versions of macOS 13 are no longer capable of performing such checks correctly.

Release 8.5 (Build 230418)

  • Due to new limitations in macOS developer tools, the internal architecture of the application has changed. Users who like to use TinkerTool from within TinkerTool System have to update to TinkerTool 9.3 or later for technical reasons.
  • Support for the new architecture of macOS 13 to control privileged operations has been reinstated. Due to limitations of macOS 13, some operating system versions may require a restart of the computer during the very first launch of TinkerTool System.
  • Support for cleaning outdated installations of automatically starting jobs has been reinstated.
  • Main categories in the application sidebar are now emphasized more clearly.
  • Added new feature to show system XPC services, application-embedded daemons and application-embedded agents in the list of automatically starting jobs.
  • Added new feature to show the build numbers of available macOS versions when presenting the list of installer applications offered by Apple for download.
  • Added new feature to detect if the size specifications advertised by Apple in the list of installer applications available for download are plausible. If not, the storage size will automatically be corrected.
  • Added new feature to detect why the creation of installation media may be refused by Macs with Apple Silicon.
  • Added new feature to detect if volumes are handled by Apple’s LIFS technology (Live File Provider File System) to indicate that they are not compatible with the macOS volume exclusion tables shown on the System pane.
  • Several small changes and clarifications in the GUI and the reference manual.
  • Fixed a problem where the repaired version of the macOS 10.12 installer was rejected as invalid software when creating install media.

Release 8.4 (Build 230315)

  • Added new feature to manage the user accounts of FileVault.
  • Added new feature to check the personal recovery key of FileVault.
  • Added new feature to list the user accounts which are capable of decrypting a given APFS volume.
  • Added new feature to determine which user accounts are defined as owners of an APFS volume (only on Macs with Apple Silicon). “APFS volume ownership” is required to manage the startup security policy for a macOS installation, to perform macOS installations and updates, or to run the “erase all contents” procedure.
  • Added support for future versions of macOS 13.
  • The preference setting to automatically show the sub-feature overview menus when switching between application panes is now enabled by default. Experienced users can disable this option any time via the settings window.
  • The feature to analyze Ventura “Background Items” has been extended to support very complex setups.
  • The wording to describe the different types of recovery systems on Macs with Apple Silicon has changed for clarification.
  • If the installation of the security component is damaged, the application will now determine the exact technical reason together with individual instructions how to resolve the problem.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking the button to analyze Ventura “Background Items” appeared to have no effect in some cases.

Release 8.3 (Build 230215)

  • Added new feature to detect and to remotely analyze a Content Caching server in the local network. Such servers can cause issues during macOS software updates.
  • Added new feature to reset the macOS service management of Background Items. This is helpful for users who are flooded with repeated notifications of added Background Items, or who see incorrect entries for these items in System Settings.
  • Added new and unique feature to analyze the list of Background Items maintained by macOS. The allows the confusing and often erroneous entries in System Settings to be better understood.
  • The list of model series for the download of IPSW files was updated.
  • The list of Apple-provided system jobs was updated.
  • The item to repair features of the macOS network user interface which could be damaged by the 11.2 update was removed. It is no longer needed in macOS 13 Ventura.

Release 8.2 (Build 230123)

  • Added new feature to download IPSW files from Apple. IPSW files can be used to perform a full restore with factory reset in DFU mode on Macs with Apple Silicon.
  • Added new feature to clear the message index database of Apple Mail. This is helpful to resolve issues when searching for email messages no longer works correctly and produces incomplete results.
  • The currently selected Time Machine backup time interval and encryption mode are no shown on the Time Machine pane.
  • The user interface for the Flash Drive status has been redesigned. This allows the Diagnostics pane to be shown with reduced height and resolves issues where some controls were difficult to access on small screens.
  • Fixed a layout problem on the pane “User > Repair Defective Settings” for cases where the pane was resized to its minimum.
  • Internal changes for features with Internet access, enhancing compatibility with third-party firewalls.

Release 8.14 (Build 221220)

  • Because many users are confused by the bad quality of macOS 13.1, this version adds more protection against operating system defects and provides additional user guidance.
  • Adds protection against cases where the application is configured for automatic software update checks, but is operated with a network firewall that doesn’t allow the necessary Internet connections. In specific cases, this could result in intermittent program termination instead of an error message.

Release 8.12 (Build 221214)

This version adds additional workarounds for defects of macOS 13.1.

Release 8.11 (Build 221212)

This is an emergency update which has become necessary because Apple released a build of macOS 13.1 with several critical defects. These defects can prevent TinkerTool System 8 from launching successfully under specific circumstances.

We are downgrading the security component of TinkerTool System 8 to technology of macOS 10.12 Sierra to avoid specific new features of macOS 13 which are not ready to be used at the moment. Over the last 6 months, Apple has not been capable of providing system services that comply with the specifications of Ventura.

Release 8.1 (Build 221205)

  • Added new pane to regain access to the power schedule of macOS. As in older versions of the System Preferences application, the Mac’s features to schedule power-on, shutdown, sleep or restart events in regular time intervals during the week can be controlled by a few mouse-clicks.
  • In addition, the power schedule of macOS for one-time events can be reviewed and fully edited.
  • A toolbar was added to the main control window. It will cause macOS to show the titlebar of the window with a more aesthetically pleasant look.
  • Optional control items have been moved from the sidebar to the toolbar.
  • The items in the sidebar now automatically respect the user’s general preference setting for sidebar display size.
  • The items in the sidebar now maintain their status information for expanded or collapsed sub-items when relaunching the application.
  • A new preference setting was added to allow the user to always prefer the feature overview of a pane instead of having the last used sub-feature opened.
  • All Internet links in the Quick Context Help feature have been updated because Apple has finally published the user manual for macOS Ventura.
  • This version fixes a problem where the general reset feature may not have worked as expected for the Cloud Protection pane.

Release 8.0 (Build 221019)

  • Added full support for macOS 13 Ventura. TinkerTool System 8 can only be used with macOS 13 or later. It allows the integration of TinkerTool 9.
  • The application uses a completely new user interface, based on the style specifications for the program “System Settings”. This also includes searching for features by keyword.
  • The application window can now be resized. When showing tables with many columns, previous additional functions to “show in separate window” are no longer necessary.
  • A new button has been added to optimize the currently shown pane in size, automatically selecting the smallest possible size to control all user interface objects.
  • The auxiliary program for privileged operations now uses the latest Ventura technologies. It is no longer necessary to install it upon first start, it only needs an approval to run.
  • If you integrate TinkerTool into TinkerTool System, its panes will also become accessible by keyword search.
  • The feature to scan open network ports had to be removed. The necessary components are no longer available in macOS 13.
  • The feature to automatically clear erroneous background services is blocked temporarily. Ventura uses new technologies to control such services, but they are currently not mature enough. It is planned to re-enable this feature later when macOS 13 has reached the necessary level of reliability.

TinkerTool System 8 begins a new product line. The section above lists changes in comparison to TinkerTool System 7, version 7.91. For more information about the version history of TinkerTool System 7, please see the respective application.