Download TinkerTool System 8

TinkerTool System 8 is electronically distributed software which is offered following a “First try, then buy” principle. You can download the application free of charge and test whether it fits your needs. You can select between two different modes of testing the program, named Evaluation Mode and Demo Mode.

Evaluation Mode

Evaluation mode allows you to use the software without any limitations, no matter if you own a registration or not. Only the following restriction applies:

You can launch the application six (6) times per computer only. After six launches, evaluation mode will end and can no longer be enabled for any copy of this application having the version number you have evaluated. After the evaluation period has ended, the program will fall back to demo mode.

Certain conditions must be met to activate evaluation mode. To check whether your computer is eligible to test the current version of the application, it has to request permission from us via Internet. This permission is also known as evaluation ticket. Such a ticket is usually issued immediately, after a few seconds. To receive a ticket, the following conditions must be met:

  • In order to save the ticket, you must have administrative permission for this computer. macOS may ask for administrator credentials.
  • The computer must be connected to the Internet while requesting the ticket. For evaluation and operation of the program, an Internet connection will no longer be necessary.
  • The Internet connection must not filter https traffic (encrypted web communication).
  • You must grant the application permission to send us data containing
    • type and version number of the application,
    • an identification of your computer (e.g. a serial number of the hardware),
    • an identification of your Internet connection (e.g. the IP address),
    and permission allowing us to record this data. No personal data will be sent or recorded. The program will explicitly ask for this permission before data will be sent and a ticket will be requested.

Demo Mode

Without a valid registration (and after the free evaluation period has ended), the application will operate in demo mode only.

  • A window with the note Running in Demo Mode appears each time the application is started.
  • The window Running in Demo Mode also appears whenever you attempt to use a feature which is not included in the list at the right. This feature will be blocked, so it cannot be used.

Unrestricted Usage

If you like to use the software permanently, you'll have to place an order for the required number of usage licenses. For each license you will receive a so-called registration file containing a registration code which will allow you to switch the application from demo mode to normal operation.

Distributing or leasing the application or its license to third parties is prohibited without prior written permission. In particular, you have no permission to transfer the registration to somebody else. The exact contractual obligations for licensing the software are shown and can be printed after you have opened the downloaded software package.

Security Information

To verify that the download package is authentic and has not been altered by a third party, you can verify its SHA-256 checksum.

The SHA-256 checksum for the current version of the download file is e76b239dd762267f51ecdee6606a3bea07c757ef5260a0b93264f7fb456d28f9.