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Mac Power Monitor Version History

Release 2.7 (Build 240424)

Added new feature to reset all history data of the currently running session in the Power Overview window. This can make it easier to compare the behavior of the system when testing it with different power profiles or applications. The new function is available via the Commands menu.

Release 2.6 (Build 240212)

Added a workaround for technical defects in several operating system versions combined with specific Apple processors if they are unable to perform correct processor cluster usage measurements. These defects could result in “100 %” activity readings to be shown permanently or for extended periods of time. When Mac Power Monitor detects such defects, it will ignore the corresponding readings and compute corrected values itself. In particular, this affects Macs with M3 Max processors and current versions of macOS Sonoma, as well as M2 Max/Ultra processors with some older versions of macOS.

Release 2.5 (Build 240118)

  • Apple has given up support for measuring the number of retired speculative instructions and average number of instructions per clock cycle for specific combinations of processors and operating systems. If such a case is detected, the corresponding fields will no longer be shown in the Processors window.
  • For some computers with Apple Silicon, Mac Power Monitor will now automatically correct the effective frequency readings for processor clusters if the values don’t appear to be plausible. Possible flaws in macOS will be avoided.
  • Administrators can now uninstall legacy versions of the privileged auxiliary tool in the running login session of a non-administrative user account.

Release 2.4 (Build 231113)

  • Added full support for Macs with M3 processors.
  • Modernized organization of language support files.
  • Revised user guidance when enabling the security tool on macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • Fixed a problem where the CPU window for Apple Silicon would not work for Macs with more than 4 cores per processor cluster.

Release 2.3 (Build 230830)

  • Added new feature to visualize cases where entire CPU clusters are shut down in idle mode for Macs with M2 processors. When such a cluster is detected, an additional reading “switched off” will be shown in the processor window. The value represents the ratio between downtime and measurement interval.
  • Added preliminary support for future versions of macOS.
  • Added documentation for known issues with the metrics of M2 processors.
  • Fixes a problem where inaccurate activity readings could be shown in the overview window for Macs with M2 processors.

Release 2.2 (Build 230704)

  • Support for the new architecture of macOS 13 to control privileged operations has been reinstated. Due to limitations of macOS 13, some operating system versions may require a restart of the computer during the very first launch of Mac Power Monitor.
  • Added new feature to detect if the application is running in a Virtual Machine based on Apple Hypervisor. Monitor options not working in this mode are automatically disabled.
  • Added new feature to remove outdated versions of the security component of previous releases of Mac Power Monitor.
  • Added preliminary support for future versions of macOS.

Release 2.11 (Build 230221)

Added new workarounds for the continuing quality problems of macOS 13.

Release 2.1 (Build 221221)

  • Added protection against operating system defects of macOS 13.1. The application also provides additional user guidance for situations where such defects cause issues.
  • Added protection against cases where the application is configured for automatic software update checks, but is operated with a network firewall that doesn’t allow the necessary Internet connections. In specific cases, this could result in intermittent program termination instead of an error message.

Release 2.01 (Build 221214)

This is an emergency update which has become necessary because Apple released a build of macOS 13.1 with several critical defects. These defects can prevent Mac Power Monitor from launching successfully under specific circumstances.

We are downgrading the security component of Mac Power Monitor to technology of macOS 10.12 Sierra to avoid specific new features of macOS 13 which are not ready to be used at the moment. Over the last 6 months, Apple has not been capable of providing system services that comply with the specifications of Ventura.

Release 2.0 (Build 221020)

  • Added full support for macOS Ventura. Mac Power Monitor 2 can only be used with macOS 13 or later.
  • The auxiliary program for privileged operations now uses the latest Ventura technologies. It is no longer necessary to install it upon first start, it only needs an approval to run.
  • Unfortunately, Apple removed the power metrics features for interrupt source statistics, as well as for hardware bandwidth measurement, DRAM power and total SoC power on Macs with Apple Silicon from the operating system. The corresponding parts of Mac Power Monitor had to be disabled.

Release 1.1 (Build 220726)

  • Fixes a problem where the number of CPU clusters could not be determined on specific Mac models with the original M1 processor. This could cause the processor detail window not to open correctly.
  • Fixes an inaccuracy with the sum readings for performance core and GPU core bandwidths on specific Mac models with Apple Silicon.
  • Fixes a problem where the status of automatic update notification was not reflected correctly after the launch of the application.

Release 1.0 (Build 220719)

First official version of Mac Power Monitor.