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TinkerTool System 7
August 25, 2021:

We are releasing TinkerTool System 7 version 7.5:

  • Added new diagnostic feature to test display screens for dead or hanging pixels. It can also help to clean the display glass or when identifying dust issues.
  • Added new pane to lock specific services of iCloud for all users, so a service can no longer be activated accidentally.
  • The feature to retrieve logs from the macOS logging subsystem now uses color backgrounds in the reports to clearly mark messages of different severity levels.
  • The user interface of the feature to search for file system paths that exceed a user-specified length has been revised. It is no longer necessary to press the return key when changing the limit, and the last used limit is remembered by the application. The quick-search result window can now show the complete paths and reveal them in the Finder.
  • The user interface of all features to inherit Time Machine backups has been revised.
  • For non-English versions of TinkerTool System, program and documentation will now use the correct terminology for Macs with Apple Silicon processors.
  • Fixes an issue which could result in unexpected program termination after manually thinning, deleting, or creating a Time Machine snapshot.

TinkerTool System 7 is a collection of system utility features helping you in performing advanced administration tasks on Apple Macintosh computers.

Apple Software Update

August 23, 2021:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • Apple XProtect Configuration Data version 2150 (Update Product ID: 071-79052)
  • Apple XProtect Configuration Data, for macOS Mojave, version 2150 (Update Product ID: 071-79054)
  • Apple Malware Removal Tool (MRT) version 1.82 (Update Product ID: 071-79051)
  • Apple Malware Removal Tool (MRT), for macOS Mojave, version 1.82 (Update Product ID: 071-79053)

XProtect and MRT are part of the built-in antivirus software of macOS. The packages do not appear in the Software Update section of System Preferences (or App Store in older versions of the operating system). macOS is updating the software automatically in the background if you have granted the system permission to download system data files and security-related files.

Apple Software Update

August 18, 2021:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • Safari Technology Preview version 130 (Update Product ID: 071-81358)

This update to Safari Technology Preview includes the latest WebKit enhancements.

Apple Software Update

August 11, 2021:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 Update
  • macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 Update for macOS Mojave and Catalina (Update Product ID: 071-78704)
  • BridgeOS Customer Update 11.5.2 (Update Product ID: 071-78713)

The updates address product defects and security issues.

Apple Software Update

August 5, 2021:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • Safari Technology Preview version 129 (Update Product IDs: 071-75206, 071-75209)

Safari Technology Preview allows users to get a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and experiment with these technologies in websites and extensions.

Battery Monitor

August 4, 2021:
We are releasing Battery Monitor version 4.1 through the Mac App Store:

  • Added new feature to dismiss the notification panel for the “long charge” warning by simply plugging the power cord.
  • Added new setting to increase the upper possible limit for the “nagging low power notification” feature from 20% to 66% if the user likes to do so. This can be helpful for old Macs with defective batteries.
  • Added new feature to show possible deviations between the true health value for maximum battery capacity and fake values sometimes shown by macOS for specific Macintosh models.
  • The activity profile of the App was optimized to avoid that the App Nap feature of macOS causes readings or other status information to be shown with a noticeable delay.

Battery Monitor is a powerful App to display the charge state of portable Macs in the Dock, to display internal battery information, to capture charge and discharge curves, to keep logs of the aging process of the battery, and to add notifications via Notification Center or speech output.

Apple Software Update

August 3, 2021:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • iMac Pro Update for Boot Camp (Update Product ID: 001-55228)

This update improves compatibility of iMac Pro with Apple mice, keyboards, and trackpads when installing Windows 10 via Boot Camp.

Backup Server Control

August 3, 2021:
We are releasing Backup Server Control version 2.54:

  • On slow computers running a version of macOS with slow service management, switching the share button could cause a confusing flicker effect of the corresponding check mark which could temporarily stay in the wrong position for up to one minute. This version adds an additional wait panel to avoid this issue.

Backup Server Control provides a graphical user interface to setup and administer a server for network-based Time Machine® backups with a few mouse clicks on a Macintosh®. Other Macs running macOS Sierra or later can perform backups on the Time Machine server. The current status of network backups can be reviewed any time.

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