Size 7.5 MB
Version 3.2 (Build 201208)
Released December 9, 2020
Kind Notarized macOS Disk Image (DMG)

How to Download

If you need additional technical support for transferring the software to your computer, further help is available on a detailed information page.

Download a Trial Version of System Monitor

You can download a trial version of the App System Monitor at no charge to test whether it fits your needs. It is offered without implied warranty of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose. The trial program is not identical to the standard version of System Monitor, but has the following limitation:

The display in the menu bar will disappear every five minutes. Instead, a dialog panel will appear asking you if you like to test the App for additional five minutes. There are no further restrictions.

Distributing the software without prior written permission is prohibited.

Security Information

To verify that the download package is authentic and has not been altered by a third party, you can verify its SHA-256 checksum.

The SHA-256 checksum for the current version of the download file is 6cd73508565440b1375971c6ea9fc98cc3b28b7579cc36047320a77ebc9679a2.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Trial Version

Has running the trial version any negative effect on my system when I later buy the full version from the App Store?

No, the trial version and the standard version are independent of each other. The demo has neither an effect on the App Store, nor on the App itself. You could even run both programs concurrently although that makes no sense.

How should I delete the trial version after I have purchased a license for the full version?

The App automatically asks you whether you like to take over settings from the trial version. If you confirm this, the trial version will automatically be deactivated. You can then simply drag its icon to the Trash.

However, in case you didn't take over settings, ensure to tell macOS that you no longer like to keep the display of the trial version in the menu bar. Otherwise, macOS might try to keep both displays in the bar, even if you throw the demo program to the Trash. Open the demo, navigate to Preferences: General Settings and ensure the setting Keep System Monitor in the menu bar is switched off.

I cannot delete the trial version. When I try to empty the Trash, macOS tells me the demo is still in use. What should I do?

macOS is still running the demo because you have told it to keep its display in the menu bar. Drag the demo out of the Trash (or download it again), then see last paragraph of the previous answer on how to correctly remove the demo.

The demo panel appears every 5 minutes although I have purchased the full version from the Mac App Store. How can this happen?

macOS is still running the demo because you have told it to keep its display in the menu bar. Please see the previous two questions on how to shut down the trial version.