System Monitor Plus

              Monitor Plus

This application is a free add-on for System Monitor. After simply copying it to your computer, the additional features listed below will become available in System Monitor.

Apple no longer permits that these functions can be part of Apps distributed in the Mac App Store, so System Monitor Plus can help you to circumvent these restrictions. The two applications will automatically detect each other and establish a communication link between them if needed.

  • Display of the top 5 processes currently putting the most load on the system
  • Characteristic CPU temperature, measured as close to the first processor as possible
  • Revolution speeds of all air blowers which are controlled by the computer
  • Other sensor values acquired by IntelĀ® Power Gadget, if installed on your Mac (for Intel-based Macs only)
  • Selected temperature sensor values for Macs with Apple Silicon
  • On specific Macs with Apple Silicon, the reading for total internal electric power
  • Display of the top 5 processes which consume the largest parts of the memory

System Monitor Plus is electronically distributed software. You can download the product free of charge.