JPEG Photo File Date

              Photo File DateDid you lose the file creation or modification times of JPEG photo files in the past? So you can no longer use the macOS Finder as a simple tool to sort photos by date, or to quickly estimate when a photo was taken? This is a common problem, often caused by errors in preview applications or cloud synchronization.

The small app JPEG Photo File Date can come to help here: It can read the metadata of a JPEG photo file when the picture was taken and fix the file settings for "date created" or "date last modified" accordingly. Even large amounts of pictures, such as a folder hierarchy with several tens of thousands of photos, can be processed quickly without any problems.

The app ensures that the contents of the files are never touched. Only the time fields in the folders are changed. If desired, dry runs are also possible where no changes are made at all, but only an analysis of which time specifications are incorrect and could be fixed.

The software is distributed electronically through Apple's Mac App Store.