TinkerTool System 6

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TinkerTool System 6

Known Issues

There are currently no known problems that require additional documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Standalone Utility of TinkerTool System coexist with other tools that are also designed to be used in Single User Mode? Do I need to uninstall other tools first?

A: You don't need to care about the existence of other Single User Mode applications on your hard drive. As long as macOS is capable of starting in Single User Mode to a command-line prompt, you can select between any commands or programs you might have installed. There are no conflicts to expect.

You only should avoid to use the multi-tasking capabilities of macOS to run several of such tools really in parallel. If you like to use the features of different tools, it will be recommended to reboot the system each time before starting an alternative application.

Release Notes

Specifying a time interval when querying the macOS log database may not work: If you use the feature Info > Logs and specify a time interval at Time range, filtering by date and time may not work correctly with some macOS installations. Instead, the operating system returns entries for the entire recorded time range available. TinkerTool System detects this problem and will give you an error message in this case.

Workaround: This is a known defect of macOS. Only specific system installations are affected. We have informed Apple about this problem and hope they will fix it in future versions of the operating system. In case TinkerTool System detects this issue on your Mac, please see the recommendations given in the error panel for possible workarounds.