Sync Checker

Some screenshots can give you a first impression how to work with the program.


  • Check if two sets of files are “in sync”, containing the same objects and having the same attributes.
  • Compare any two file sets which can be accessed by macOS via two folders.
  • When providing the password of a system administrator, the check can also include entire system disks with files of other users.
  • Content comparison can be performed either byte by byte, or by using smart acceleration techniques.
  • There is no limit in the number of files which can be checked. The maximum number of mismatches which can be evaluated is 100,000.
  • As alternative to an exact check, you can run a quick test just to determine which files are missing in two folders that should match.
  • Scans of folder hierarchies can be archived to perform offline checks. Such a snapshot can be taken as virtual data source for comparisons. This powerful method can be used to compare file sets at different points in time, or to compare files with data from another Mac without a direct connection.
  • Certain file aspects can optionally be ignored, e.g. compression at the file system level, time of last status change, POSIX permissions, Access Control Lists, and Time Machine attributes.
  • File system objects can be excluded from a sync check by the use of ignore lists. Ignore lists can be freely customized, blocking objects by name or by relative folder paths.
  • Predefined ignore lists, already built into Sync Checker, allow you to simplify typical comparison tasks in practice.
  • Review the file system objects which are not matching, using a powerful object browser with filter tools.
  • Inspect detected differences in all file attributes, Unix flags, permission settings and Extended attributes.
  • Create a text report of the mismatch analysis which can be printed or exported as RTF text processing file.
  • Save the results to file and evalute them offline at a later time, even on a different computer.