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Battery Monitor Version History

Release 5.2 (Build 240709)

This version suppresses unnecessary checks performed by the App Store that could occur when starting the App, including the associated windows and possible delays. This could have affected users who restart their login sessions unusually often or switch between multiple operating systems on a single computer.

Release 5.1 (Build 240702)

  • The main overview window of the application can now be resized.
  • Added necessary changes to ensure that the App remains compatible with future versions of the Mac App Store.
  • Legacy code has been removed. The minimum operating system version is now macOS 13.

Release 5.0 (Build 230626)

  • Added new feature to show the connection type of attached AC adapters. This is supported on operating system versions and Macintosh models that are capable of reading out the technical specifications of the power supply.
  • Added new option to show values in the Dock tile in enlarged fashion.
  • The layout of history windows has been optimized. When resizing a window, the labels for the y-axis keep their widths which leaves more space for the graphs.
  • Users who enabled history windows in standard mode and enforced the use of tabs for document windows in macOS could create compatibility issues with specific features. To avoid this, Battery Monitor now automatically opts out of using tabs.
  • Fixed a problem where the voltage of an attached AC adapter could not be shown in some versions of macOS.
  • Legacy code has been removed. The minimum operating system version is now macOS 11.

Release 4.9 (Build 230227)

  • Application and reference manual have been updated to correctly differentiate between System Settings of macOS Ventura and System Preferences in older versions of macOS.
  • Fixed a problem where opening System Settings via the context menu of the menu-bar icon did not work as expected in macOS Ventura.
  • A cryptographic security feature was removed to ensure the App can still be imported to France.

Release 4.8 (Build 220905)

  • In addition to the Touch Bar controls, the battery capacity log can now also opened directly in graph mode via the main menu, context menu, or via keyboard shortcuts.
  • The wording of the “last full charge cycle” indicator in the long-term overview window was modified to avoid misunderstandings.
  • The code base was modernized to prepare for future operating system versions.

Release 4.7 (Build 220706)

  • Added new feature to visualize the differences between state of charge percentage of the battery cells and battery percentage shown by the operating system. This feature is available on operating systems and Macintosh models that make this distinction.
  • Added new information sheet to explain possible differences between maximum capacity shown by Battery Monitor and battery status shown by System Preferences. This feature is available on operating systems and Macintosh models that make this distinction.
  • Added new information sheet showing long-term statistics collected by the battery unit, e.g. maximum and minimum voltages, currents, temperatures or operating hours. This feature is available on Macintosh systems with battery units that perform this type of data recording.
  • Auxiliary windows and information sheets can now also be opened directly via main menu or Dock menu.
  • The new version tries to avoid flicker of some text output elements when the overview window is already open while the application is still starting up.

Release 4.6 (Build 220325)

  • Added new feature to optionally show the estimated remaining time in the Dock tile of the App. Depending on current charging or discharging process, the value corresponds to the time it takes for the battery to become full or empty.
  • Support for VoiceOver was enhanced in some parts of the App.
  • The App is now more robust in cases where a monitored Bluetooth device sends invalid battery readings.

Release 4.5 (Build 220202)

This is a maintenance update which fixes minor issues:

  • In specific cases, the labels for the y axes in history graphs could be rounded in confusing or misleading fashion, depending on the accuracy of the corresponding battery sensors. The number of digits and the rounding method are now optimized to avoid such issues.
  • For specific operating system versions, the feature to open the Energy Saver preference pane via the menu icon may have failed.

Release 4.4 (Build 220131)

This is a maintenance update which fixes minor issues:

  • In specific cases, the labels for the y axes in history graphs could be rounded in confusing or misleading fashion, depending on the accuracy of the corresponding battery sensors. The number of digits and the rounding method are now optimized to avoid such issues.
  • For specific operating system versions, the feature to open the Energy Saver preference pane via the menu icon may have failed.

Release 4.3 (Build 220106)

  • Added new feature to show a history graph for battery temperature.
  • The layout of the main overview window was optimized. This avoids clipped data fields in some language versions.
  • Virtual battery units, used by some desktop computers with Apple Silicon, are no longer shown as an actual battery.

Release 4.2 (Build 211116)

  • Added new feature to show the accessible battery levels of all battery-powered Bluetooth devices currently connected to your Mac (no longer restricted to selected Human Interfaces devices).
  • Added full support for macOS 12.
  • Removed legacy support for macOS 10.12 and 10.13.
  • Updated the handling of manufacturing dates for Apple devices released after August 2021.

Release 4.1 (Build 210803)

  • Added new feature to dismiss the notification panel for the “long charge” warning by simply plugging the power cord.
  • Added new setting to increase the upper possible limit for the “nagging low power notification” feature from 20% to 66% if the user likes to do so. This can be helpful for old Macs with defective batteries.
  • Added new feature to show possible deviations between the true health value for maximum battery capacity and fake values sometimes shown by macOS for specific Macintosh models.
  • The activity profile of the App was optimized to avoid that the App Nap feature of macOS causes readings or other status information to be shown with a noticeable delay.

Release 4.0 (Build 210412)

  • In cases where the combination of Macintosh model and operating system no longer permit that Apps can access battery manufacturer and manufacturing date reliably, the application will now show the battery lot codes and version numbers instead.
  • The display of the battery serial number has been simplified.
  • Fixes a problem where the computer model was not shown as descriptive text for a few of the latest Macintosh series.

Release 3.9 (Build 201126)

  • Added support for the new battery management of the 10th generation MacBook Air and the 17th generation MacBook Pro. Capacity values and battery unit serial numbers will now be shown correctly for these models.
  • Added a workaround for situations where the operating system provides contradicting battery health information.
  • Fixed a problem for Macs with Apple Silicon where the system installation date may have been shown instead of the manufacturing week.

Release 3.8 (Build 201109)

  • Added official support for macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • Legacy technology has been removed from the App. The minimum required OS version is now macOS 10.12.
  • The conditions for merging two long-term battery capacity logs have been relaxed. This makes it easier to resolve an unintentional split of the database after using beta operating system versions.

Release 3.7 (Build 200922)

  • Added new feature to merge the capacity logs of two batteries if their time intervals are compatible.
  • The width of the menu-bar display was further optimized for some versions of macOS.
  • The battery capacity log has been made more robust against system or window server crashes.
  • Added preparations for future operating system upgrades.
  • Fixed a problem where the German translation was incomplete for error messages of the feature to split capacity logs.

Release 3.6 (Build 200626)

  • Added new option to suppress the battery icon in the menu bar if both the menu-bar item and its percentage display feature are active. This allows you to place Apple’s battery icon and Battery Monitor’s percentage value next to each other in the menu bar, combining the best of both worlds.
  • The app now accepts that its icon can be replaced by the Finder. This will no longer raise a security warning.

Release 3.5 (Build 200120)

  • Added new feature to display the device type of the AC adapter in its details information window. This feature is not available for all combinations of operating systems and model series.
  • Added new feature to display possible error status information for the AC adapter in the details information window. This feature is not available for all combinations of operating systems and model series.
  • If the status item in the menu-bar is enabled, an additional warning marker will now be shown in the attached menu when battery servicing is required.
  • This version adds a workaround for an ambiguity that could cause an incorrect display of production dates for Macintosh model series that have up-to-date operating system support for more than 10 years.
  • Added a workaround for a missing battery health assessment field in operating systems that don’t differentiate correctly between health and error information.

Release 3.4 (Build 191216)

This version adds more explicit error messages for cases where communication with the AC power adapter fails due to support issues between operating system and specific hardware models.

Release 3.3 (Build 191016)

  • This version adds full support for macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Legacy technology has been removed from the App. The minimum required OS version is now 10.11.
  • Added new option to activate nagging, repeating reminder warnings when the charge level drops below a specified value. The threshold can be set between 5% and 20%.
  • The preferences tab to define notifications employs improved user guidance.

Release 3.2 (Build 190410)

  • Added support for additional types of Bluetooth Human Interface Devices that will appear in the respective battery overview.
  • Added new feature to automatically repair the long-time battery capacity log in cases where data corruption is detected.

Release 3.1 (Build 190311)

  • The legend of history windows now suppresses the labels for curves which are not in use for the current battery configuration.
  • The Touch Bar buttons to open the total voltage history and the cell voltage history can now be differentiated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the window of the battery capacity log may not have been updated immediately when switching between table mode and graph mode.

Release 3.0 (Build 190220)

  • Added new feature to get a simple overview of external batteries in selected Bluetooth Human Interface Devices. The current capacities and warning states can be listed in a window and will also appear in the menu of the menu-bar icon where available.
  • The history windows for total battery voltage and individual cell voltages are now separate. This makes sure the measured quantities are shown with optimal scales.

Release 2.9 (Build 190128)

This version will change the way macOS activates windows if the App is operated without a Dock icon. The new policy makes sure windows and notification panels are always moved to the front when they are opened, so even if the App is visible in the menu bar only, you can no longer overlook windows that macOS would put behind the currently active application by default.

Release 2.8 (Build 180912)

  • This version adds full support for macOS 10.14 Mojave.
  • Legacy technology has been removed from the App. The minimum required OS version is now 10.10.

Release 2.7 (Build 180507)

  • Added new option to show a numerical percentage value for the charge level in the Dock tile.
  • Resolved a problem where the main window did not remember its last position for users who have the Resume feature of the operating system disabled.

Release 2.6 (Build 171025)

  • Added new menu items to open the most important windows of the App via the context menu of the Dock.
  • By request of many users, the Dock tile of Battery Monitor can now be removed after the menu-bar icon has been enabled (macOS Sierra or later only). The menu items of the App will then move into the menu of the status icon, making it possible to control the program from there.

Release 2.5 (Build 170809)

By user request, an optional menu-bar icon has been added for macOS Sierra. It can be used to indicate remaining runtime in the menu, or to get quick access to specific features.

Release 2.4 (Build 170510)

  • Added a new feature to display the estimated error of the battery’s capacity value.
  • Added a new feature to show an optional warning when the estimated error of the capacity value becomes too large and the battery needs to be re-calibrated.
  • Added a new subsection in the reference manual to document the meaning of the battery defect list.
  • By request, the user interface to control charge level display mode has been redesigned.
  • Numerical readings in the main window are now presented more consistently with the user’s current locale settings.

Release 2.3 (Build 161214)

  • Added support for computers with Touch Bar.
  • Added new feature to suppress recording of capacity log data when the computer clock has lost its correct date setting.
  • Added new feature to indicate the current charge state and the estimated remaining time in the context menu of the Dock tile.

Release 2.2 (Build 160920)

Optimized for macOS Sierra.

Release 2.1 (Build 160223)

  • Added new feature to display technical details about the AC adapter.
  • Added new feature to display defects of the battery unit.
  • Added new status line to show the system’s health assessment on the battery unit.
  • Added new status line to show the system’s recommendation to check or replace battery units.
  • The user can now choose whether the App should show the percentage of the true physical charge level or of the fake user-presented charge level.
  • Added new notification option to report when the fake 100% charge level presented to the user has been reached.
  • In addition to the help book, the reference manual is now also available as printable PDF document.
  • The design of the status indicators in the battery overview window now automatically matches the design of the running operating system.
  • Because most portable Macs no longer support user-removable batteries, the “battery present” indicator was replaced by an “on reserve power” light.
  • The features to process expected charge cycle lifetime, remaining operation time, and “on reserve” status of the battery have been enhanced.
  • Fixed a problem with a spurious “on reserve” notification when connecting an AC adapter immediately after waking from sleep mode.

Release 2.0 (Build 150219)

  • The application has been revised completely and is now optimized for the latest versions of OS X. Operating systems prior to OS X 10.9 and 32-bit processors are no longer supported.
  • Updated technical information on the latest portable Macintosh computers and battery units.
  • The support for high-quality speech output has been enhanced for non-English languages.
  • The application now suppresses notifications on battery status changes immediately after waking from sleep mode to give the hardware more time to recover and stabilize.
  • Added new feature to rename batteries in the capacity log.
  • Added new feature to split a capacity log for specific cases where a replaced battery did not correctly identify as a different unit.
  • Added workaround for a problem where OS X Yosemite did not update the display of history windows correctly when switching been head-up and standard display mode.

Release 1.8 (Build 140211)

  • Added support for Timer Coalescing of OS X Mavericks to further enhance energy consumption.
  • The user interface is now refreshed immediately after the computer is waking from sleep mode.
  • Optimized several aspects of the user interface when the App is launched for the very first time or the first time after an update.
  • Enhanced compatibility with certain graphics drivers.
  • Updated some technical details in the reference manual for the latest Apple battery units.

Release 1.7 (Build 140122)

  • Added support for the latest portable MacBook computer models.
  • Added new option to display the history for capacity readings as percentage values instead of using mAh.
  • Added new feature to display the actual detail reading when clicking on a point on a history curve.
  • Changed some default colors for history curves to optimize readability independent of the selected background color.
  • Enhanced refresh behavior for the different output windows.
  • Due to limitations and technical issues of Growl when supporting native features of OS X Mavericks, 32 bit systems running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and the Mac App Store in one single App, support for Growl notifications had to be removed unfortunately.
  • The reference manual has been revised and uses a new design.

Release 1.6 (Build 130222)

  • Added new feature to display the expected remaining number of charge cycles after which Apple recommends to replace the battery unit.
  • Added support for detecting the MacBook Pro with 13-inch Retina display.
  • Enhanced compatibility with specific third-party battery packs.

Release 1.5 (Build 120814)

  • Support for the Notification Center of OS X Mountain Lion was added. Notifications on charge or discharge operations can be shown this way if desired.
  • Added feature to additionally show the estimated “remaining time to full” when charging.
  • All new mobile Apple computers of the “Mid 2012” generation are now fully recognized.
  • Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7.4 was enhanced.
  • The feature to stack history windows was optimized to better utilize space on small screens.

Release 1.4 (Build 120323)

  • Added menu item and keyboard shortcut to open all history windows simultaneously.
  • Added menu item and keyboard shortcut to close all history windows simultaneously.
  • History windows now keep automatically open on relaunches, even if you don't use Lion's Resume feature.
  • Added Lion support for all Growl features (not only standard notifications) when running Battery Monitor together with the Growl App for Lion. (Full Growl functionality was already present in previous versions when using the free version of Growl with Snow Leopard.)

Release 1.3 (Build 120207)

  • Added new feature to monitor the current power of the battery in Watts.
  • Added new feature to display a history curve for battery power.
  • Additional operating system installations are now supported where users have intentionally deleted parts of the Mac OS X speech synthesizer to gain storage space. On damaged systems, the App automatically selects fallback voices or deactivates speech output.
  • A problem was resolved where rounding errors affecting the computation of the time scale in history graphs could accumulate after longer times of operation. This could cause curves to appear horizontally compressed, showing readings “too early / too far left”.
  • Compatibility with defective battery units has been enhanced.

Release 1.2 (Build 111230)

  • Full support for new features of Mac OS X Lion has been added, including Resume and App Sandboxing.
  • A new notification feature was added to inform the user optionally about full charge and discharge, as well as reaching 10 percent intervals during charge/discharge. Notifications can be delivered via speech output or Growl.
  • A new optional warning feature was added to inform the user about long, possibly harmful periods of non-use of the battery during continuous operation on AC power.
  • A new graphical view was added to make the long-time capacity history of a battery visible.
  • Short-term readings and the long-time capacity log can be exported to CSV files, making the values available for database, visualization, or spreadsheet applications.
  • A synchronization marker can be shown in history diagrams, making it easy to coordinate exact event times in the history curves.
  • The maximum time interval to show the graphic history of battery readings has been extended to 48 hours.
  • It is now possible to delete capacity logs of decommissioned batteries.
  • When switching the view style of history panels to conventional windows, dragging behavior and window level will now also be switched accordingly.
  • History data will be saved to secure storage more often, in order not to lose data when testing defective, unreliable batteries.
  • Less storage space is needed for the capacity log.

Release 1.1 (Build 110318)

  • Added display line for estimated remaining battery time.
  • Added feature to automatically synchronize the time axes of history windows if preferred by the user.
  • Added feature to superimpose history windows.
  • Added feature to group history windows, stacking them vertically.
  • The capacity log will now always display the latest entry when opening the window.
  • The history graphs are now scaled to rounded values, making it easier to read the axis labels.
  • The grid of the history graphs is now organized in 4x4 fashion.
  • Corrected a problem where the preference setting to suppress negative currents was not stored reliably.
  • Corrected a problem where an inexact date of production was shown for particular MacBook models built in 2010 or 2011.
  • Corrected a problem where a history window could not be opened under certain circumstances when using a 32 bit processor.

Release 1.0 (Build 110107)

First official version of Battery Monitor.