Autostarter: Buying licenses

Licenses for Autostarter are available as Private Consumer Site Licenses. Once you purchased a license, you are allowed to use the application on any number of your private computers running macOS that you own or control.

Autostarter is distributed by Apple through the Mac App Store. For pricing and availability in your country, please check the store. For questions about the App Store, please see our detailed information page.

Download on
                the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is available only to persons age 13 or older in selected countries. Requires compatible hardware and software and Internet access; broadband recommended (fees may apply).

Test whether your apps are fully compatible

Autostart App Check

If you like to automatically launch applications in hidden mode, these applications must be native macOS applications that react correctly on the operating system's window control commands. JavaScript Web Apps that operate in covert web browser windows  may not work as expected, for example. If you are not sure whether all apps you plan to launch with Autostarter are actual macOS applications, you can test this with our free Autostart App Check utility before you decide to purchase a license for Autostarter in the App Store.