Free Upgrade to TinkerTool System 8

Upgrade to TinkerTool System 8

If you placed an order for at least one license for TinkerTool System 6 or TinkerTool System 7 in the time frame between July 07, 2022 and up to and including October 23, 2022, you will be eligible to receive the same number of licenses for TinkerTool System 8 at no cost.

You can check your upgrade status right here, and if you are eligible, download your new licenses immediately.

Upload your old registration file

You can upload your previous registration file (the ticket with the name extension .ts6-mbsreg) via two mouse clicks and will receive your new file in return. If you ordered multiple licenses for TinkerTool System in a single order, any of the delivered ticket files will be sufficient to receive the correct number of new registrations.

Registrierungsdatei Ticket-Symbol
Please select the registration file:


If you don't have the registration file at hand

In case you have lost your registration file, but you can still launch your previous version of TinkerTool System, you can also do the following:

TinkerTool System Registration and Activation
  1. Ensure you are working with the latest version of TinkerTool System 6 or TinkerTool System 7.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Select the menu item TinkerTool System > Manage registration.
  4. Locate the order number and the confirmation code, as marked in the example picture. Transfer both items (copy/paste recommended) without the double quotes into the following two fields and click the button Check entry:

Lost licenses can also be recovered when in doubt.