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Apple Software

August 18, 2022:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • Safari 15.6.1 for macOS Big Sur (Update Product ID: 012-57330)
  • Safari 15.6.1 for macOS Catalina (Update Product ID: 012-57329)
  • Apple XProtect Payloads version 71 (Update Product ID: 012-55432)
  • Apple XProtect Configuration Data version 2162 (Update Product ID: 012-37715)
  • Apple XProtect Configuration Data, for macOS Mojave, version 2162 (Update Product ID: 012-37714)

The updates provide important security fixes.

Apple Software

August 17, 2022:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • macOS 12.5.1 Monterey
  • macOS 12.5.1 Monterey Update for macOS Mojave and Catalina (Update Product ID: 012-51693)
  • BridgeOS Customer Update 12.5.1 (Update Product ID: 012-51689)

The updates address product defects and security issues.

Apple Software

August 11, 2022:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • Apple SafeView version 9.5 (Update Product ID: 012-10216)

SafeView is an internal utility that macOS customers can use to share their screens via Internet with service representatives from Apple or AppleCare. It allows remote access for support purposes. This software is not available to the general public.

Screen Sharing

  • Improved privacy masking performance
  • General bug fixes

Shared Settings

  • Highlight specific settings for certain issues/components
  • General bug fixes
                System 7
August 9, 2022:
We are releasing TinkerTool System 7 version 7.9:
  • The emergency tool (TinkerTool System for Recovery Mode) can now also be used on Macs with Apple Silicon if macOS 12.5 or later is installed.
  • The user interface for the launch instructions of the emergency tool has been enhanced.
  • Fixed a problem where the number of processor clusters was not indicated correctly for specific Apple Silicon processors.

TinkerTool System 7 is a collection of system utility features helping you in performing advanced administration tasks on Apple Macintosh computers.

Apple Software

August 4, 2022:
Apple releases new software via macOS Software Update:

  • Apple XProtect Payloads version 68 (Update Product ID: 012-46685)

XProtect is part of the built-in antivirus software of macOS. The package does not appear in the Software Update section of System Preferences (or App Store in older versions of the operating system). macOS is updating the software automatically in the background if you have granted the system permission to download system data files and security-related files.

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