Ordering and Delivering Registration Keys
Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I place an order?

Placing an order is very simple and easy. Most orders for macOS products are processed by our sales partner MyCommerce (share-it!) Digital River. To begin the order process, click on the word Order page next to the product you want to place an order for. You will be directed to the order page of Digital River, and your Internet connection will be encrypted using secured SSL communication to guarantee maximum safety.

  1. Set the language and currency options to your personal needs. The price can be displayed in Euro, US Dollar, and more than 40 other international currencies. Price quotations are computed based on the Dollar price. The final price with taxes can only be computed after you have specified the country of delivery.
  2. Adjust the number of products you want to order, if needed.
  3. Enter your personal information.
  4. Choose a payment option.
  5. Follow the instructions given.
  6. When your payment has been confirmed, you can download your registration immediately. A valid commercial invoice can be printed. You will additionally receive a copy of registration and invoice by email.

Can I place the order without using the Internet?

Yes, this is possible, but in the times of “App Stores” we no longer recommend this, however. An Internet connection is required to activate the registration on your computer. You can place your order by phone, fax or postal mail. For detailed instructions, please select the menu item Help > Purchase Registration Key in the application you want to order.

How is the product delivered?

Registrations for our macOS products are always delivered electronically. You can download them immediately from the web page of Digital River after your payment has been confirmed. An additional copy is sent to you by email.

Registrations are based on files that have names ending with the marker “mbsreg”. Each registration is represented by a single file. If you ordered multiple registrations in a single transaction, they will be packed into a standard ZIP file for easier handling during the download. You can unpack the ZIP file by double-clicking it in the Finder. To load a registration file into the application it belongs to, either double-click the file or use the button “Load from file” in the registration panel of the software product. The chapter Registering and Unlocking the Software in the reference manual of the application has very detailed instructions on how to work with registration files.

Our partner share-it! Digital River may send you additional confirmations via email depending on what options you had selected:

Can I unlock your software without an Internet connection?

We had offered this feature for 15 years, but it required for security reasons that customers identified themselves to us with their actual names and verified email addresses. Many customers no longer considered this a contemporary solution and no longer accepted it, because the necessary verification step neither allows anonymous use, nor immediate delivery of the product. Therefore, as of June 2016, registrations are no longer delivered by email, but can be downloaded immediately after your order was processed. To confirm legitimate use of the registration, an additional activation step is needed however, which requires an Internet connection.

If you are in an environment where Internet is not available or not permitted, it may still be possible to arrange an individual solution, but this will be an exception. This courtesy offering requires access to another Macintosh system with Internet connection running OS X 10.10 or later. Contact us with your postal address for further details.

How can I reach Digital River by phone or postal mail?

If you like to place an order by phone or mail, you can reach Digital River as follows:

Share-it - Digital River GmbH
c/o Digital River Ireland Ltd.
Unit 153
Shannon Free Zone West
Shannon Co. Clare

Phone: +49-221-31088-20
Fax: +49-221-31088-29
(Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)

US customers can also place an order by calling the toll-free number +1-800-903-4152. This hotline is for orders only.

In the United States you can reach Digital River as follows:

Share-it - Digital River GmbH
c/o Digital River, Inc.
10380 Bren Road West
Minnetonka, MN 55343

Phone: +1-952-646-5747 (language: English)
Fax: +1-952-646-4552

Can I specify different addresses for billing and delivery?

Yes, this is possible without problems. The order form at the Digital River website can handle this. Please note that you have to specify the end user of the software on the first page of the order form. Don't confuse the name of the user (licensee) with the name of the addressee for the invoice which has to be specified later.

Can I return a registration file or cancel the contract and get a refund?

You can test and evaluate the software —which is the actual product— thoroughly before placing an order. For this reason we have to assume that an order is binding after you have decided to purchase a permanent license and the associated registration.

In compliance with the consumer rights in the European Union, specified by EU Directives 2011/83/EU, you are granted the option for withdrawal of the order in the period between the purchase and the final delivery of the registration data to you. After that data has been sent, however, the right of withdrawal is extinguished, because the registration belongs to a group of products not suitable for return shipment. The software dealer makes you aware of this circumstance by a withdrawal right waiver, and the purchase cannot be completed without confirming that you have received notification of this regulation.

Returning a registration after delivery is therefore not possible. Your rights of cancellation in case of product deficiencies remain unaffected of course.

What will I receive?

You will receive a small file which contains the registration information used to unlock all features of our software, removing any “demo mode” restrictions. This file must additionally be activated via Internet the first time you use it with the application on your computer.

There will be a separate file for each single license you have ordered. (For delivery, multiple files are packed into a single ZIP archive.) The reference manual of the software product contains detailed information on how to use a registration file.

Note that the registration file represents a value. You should make a backup copy and store it at a safe place not connected to your computer, e.g. on a USB memory stick.

How can I pay?

Available payment options can depend on country and selected currency. Most credit cards, PayPal, and payment by check are accepted worldwide. At the moment, MyCommerce Digital River offers the following payment methods. The available options can change any time without notice:

Payment Method Accepted Currency Country
American Express EUR, GBP, JPY, USD, AUD, CHF, DKK, HKD, NZD, SEK, SGD, TWD, PLN Worldwide
Diners Club USD Worldwide
Discover USD Worldwide
JCB JPY, USD Worldwide
Wire Transfer EUR, GBP, JPY EU, Japan
Check AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NOK, PLN, SEK, USD Worldwide
Purchase Order CHF, SEC, EUR, GBP, NOK, USD France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Canarian Islands, Ceuta, Mellila, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, Belgium, USA, Canada (in USD)
iDeal EUR Netherlands
GiroPay EUR Germany
Direct Debit EUR Germany, Austria
Maestro/Debit Card GBP UK
Nordea Solo EUR Finland, Sweden
UnionPay CNY, USD, EUR China
PayU BRL, USD Brazil
Automated Clearing House USD USA

What currencies can I use?

Digital River accepts Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan Renminbi as main currencies. Specific payment methods may restrict the set of accepted currencies, however (see previous question). The following currencies are usually available for billing and price display. The availability can change any time without notice:

ARS - Argentine Peso*

AUD - Australian Dollar*

BRL - Brazilian Real*

BGN - Bulgarian Lev

CAD - Canadian Dollar*

CLP - Chilean Peso*

CNY - Chinese Yuan Renminbi*

HRK - Croatian Kuna

CZK - Czech Koruna*

DKK - Danish Krone*

EGP - Egyptian Pound

EUR - Euro*

HKD - Hong Kong Dollar*

COP - Colombian peso*

HUF - Hungarian Forint

ISK - Iceland Krona

INR - Indian Rupee*

IDR - Indonesian Rupiah

ILS - Israeli New Shekel*

JPY - Japanese Yen*

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit*

MXN - Mexican Peso*

NZD - New Zealand Dollar*

NOK - Norwegian Krona*

PLN - Polish Zloty*

GBP - Pound Sterling*

RON - Romanian Leu

PEN - Peruvian Sol*

RUB - Russian Rouble*

SAR - Saudi Riyal

SGD - Singapore Dollar*

ZAR - South African Rand

KRW - South-Korean Won*

SEK - Swedish Krona*

CHF - Swiss Franc*

TWD - Taiwan Dollar*

THB - Thai Baht*

TRY - Turkish Lira*

USD - US Dollar*

UAH - Ukraine Hryvnia

AED - Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham

PHP - Philippine Peso

Currencies marked with an asterisk (*) are billing currencies only if the supported payment method and currency are used.

How can I get price quotations in other currencies?

Click on the word Order page next to the product to go to the order page. Select the desired currency with the pop-up menu in the upper right corner. The final end price including taxes can only be computed after you have specified the country of delivery.

Will I receive a valid invoice?

Yes, a legally valid invoice will be created as PDF document just after your order has been completed. You can save or print the document.

What about value-added tax or other sales taxes?

After you have entered your personal information in Digital River's order form, the correct tax applicable to you will automatically be computed in compliance with local and international laws.

EU Member State VAT rate for digital downloads
Austria 20%
Bulgaria 20%
Croatia 25%
Cyprus 19%
Czech Republic 21%
Denmark 25%
Estonia 20%
Finland 24%
France 20%
Germany 19%
Greece 24%
Hungary 27%
Ireland 23%
Italy 22%
Latvia 21%
Lithuania 21%
Luxemburg 17%
Malta 18%
Netherlands 21%
Poland 23%
Portugal 23%
Romania 19%
Slovakia 20%
Slovenia 22%
Spain 21%
Sweden 25%
United Kingdom 20%

Taxes in other regions are listed in the following table. The list does not claim to be complete:

Other Countries Other Sales Tax or
Value-Added Tax
Australia 10%
Belarus 20%
India 18%
Japan 8%
New Zealand 15%
Norway 25%
Quebec Canada 9.975%
Russia 20%
South Korea 10%
Switzerland 7.7%
Turkey 18%
United Arabian Emirates 5%
United States depends on location

For orientation only. Tax rates may change at any time depending on relevant legislation.

My online order was interrupted so I don't know its current status. Can you track or cancel my order?

We don't process your order, so unfortunately we cannot help you. For detail questions about the handling of your order, please refer to the Customer Care Center of MyCommerce Digital River.

I have a question not mentioned in this list. Where can I get more information?

The software reseller MyCommerce Digital River provides an additional FAQ document and a contact form for further information.