After your order is complete

(1) The reference number of your order: Please use this number when you contact us or Digital River if you have any questions.

(2) The article number (SKU) of the product you have purchased: This number and the reference number are also shown on your invoice.

(3) This is your personal download link to get your registration file. The registration file unlocks the application. In most cases, a simple double-click is sufficient to complete the unlock procedure. You won't need to enter any codes or “serial numbers“.

(4) You may have ordered a license without testing the application first (although this is not recommended.) Use this link to get all information about the application and to download the latest version.

(5) This link can be used to download a valid invoice in PDF format.

Delivery and Product Activation

Registrations are always delivered electronically. You can download them immediately from the web page of Digital River after your payment has been confirmed. An additional backup copy is sent to you by email. To confirm legitimate use of the registration file, an additional activation step is required when installing the file on each computer that should use the software. This step requires an Internet connection.

Product delivery by MyCommerce Digital River

Will I receive a key code or “serial number“?

No, such license mechanisms are outdated and will only be used by us in very special cases. As of June 2016, our applications are usually unlocked by loading a registration file.

What if I have forgotten to download my registration file or invoice?

MyCommerce “share-it!” Digital River will send you an email notification with a complete summary of your order. You should receive this message a few minutes after your order was processed. Among other information, the email contains

What if I have lost all downloads and backup copies of the registration file?

You can retrieve additional copies of your registration file by sending us a request to do so. (This is possible immediately after the first attempt to deliver the registration to you has taken place.) Requests are verified manually for security reasons. The typical response time during Central-European office hours can be 90 minutes, but please allow 72 hours for retrieval of lost licenses.

Where can I find detailed instructions about activating my software product?

Use the Help menu in the application to open its reference manual. Then, navigate to the chapter Registering and Unlocking the Software.

Can you check whether you have received my payment?

No, we don't sell the licenses ourselves. This means we neither receive your payment, nor do we have permission to learn details about the financial transaction between you and Digital River. For questions about a pending order, please contact the Customer Care Center of share-it. If you have created a customer account with Digital River, the button “My Account“ at the upper right corner on that web page can be used to review your order.