TinkerTool System 6

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TinkerTool System 6 Screenshots

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Caches: Application-related Caches Info: System Information
Deactivate application-related caches without needing to clean them. Show details of the computer hardware not visible in the System Information program of macOS.
Diagnostics: Evaluate RAM Size Startup Jobs
Evaluate if the RAM size of your computer is appropriate for its workload. Get an overview of all startup jobs currently configured in the system.
Diagnostics: Time Machine Files: Link
Check how Time Machine works and what files have changed between backup snapshots. Create links as alternatives to classic aliases.
Applications: Security Check Clean Up: Hidden Support Files
Check the integrity and security assessment for applications or other executable code on your system. Remove hidden auxiliary files if you don't need them.
Create install media for macOS or OS X. ACL Permissions: Show or Set Permissions
Create install media for macOS or OS X. The true permission settings of any file system object can be displayed and modified.
ACL Permissions: Show or Set Permissions - Customized Permissions ACL Permissions: Effective Permissions
By using Access Control Lists (ACLs), macOS can specify exact rights in detail. Let TinkerTool System determine what exact rights a user has for a certain file.
System: Spotlight Info: Logs
Control the Spotlight subsystem of macOS and its index databases. Retrieve reports from the new, powerful logging features of macOS
User: Repair User: Info
Resolve problems with specific applications by a single mouse click. Get advanced information about user accounts.

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