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TinkerTool Version History

Release 7.41 (Build 190805)

Added support for recent changes in beta versions of macOS. Users with officially published versions of macOS Mojave don't need this update.

Release 7.4 (Build 190625)

Added support for future versions of macOS. If you operate TinkerTool as integrated part of TinkerTool System, it will be necessary to update TinkerTool System as well (version 6.51 or later).

Release 7.3 (Build 190604)

Release 7.2 (Build 190404)

Release 7.1 (Build 181022)

Release 7.0 (Build 180829)

Added full support for macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Release 6.4 (Build 180620)

Release 6.3 (Build 180417)

Release 6.21 (Build 170919)

Added full support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Release 6.2 (Build 170628)

Fixed a problem where TinkerTool would not start with certain pre-release versions of macOS High Sierra, if it was stored on a case-sensitive file system on a computer with Touch Bar. This update is not relevant for users that don't have this specific configuration.

Release 6.2 (Build 170612)

Added preliminary support for future versions of macOS.

Release 6.1 (Build 170601)

The application was re-released, fixing a possible compatibility problem when being used with outdated releases of macOS prior to version 10.12.1 Build 16B2659.

Release 6.1 (Build 170221)

The application was re-released with an additional Italian language support package.

Release 6.1 (Build 170210)

Release 6.0 (Build 160919)

This version supports macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Release 5.7 (Build 160912)

Release 5.61 (Build 160823)

This update ensures full compatibility with TinkerTool System 4.8.

Release 5.6 (Build 160707)

Release 5.51 (Build 150917)

Added official support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Release 5.5 (Build 150819)

Release 5.4 (Build 150618)

This version adds preliminary support for future operating systems.

Release 5.32 (Build 150518)

Release 5.31 (Build 141014)

Release 5.3 (Build 140725)

Release 5.2 (Build 140218)

This version adds support for OS X 10.9.2.

Release 5.1 (Build 131218)

Release 5.0 (Build 131022)

This version adds support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. A spin-off version supporting Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion has been published under the name “TinkerTool 4”.

Note: Resetting preferences to ”pre-TinkerTool” state is not supported when upgrading from version 3.96 (or earlier) directly to version 5 without using any version 4 first.

Release 4.96 (Build 130910)

Release 4.95 (Build 130806)

The tool was re-released to fix some minor problems:

Release 4.95 (Build 121212)

Release 4.9 (Build 120807)

The tool was re-released with additional language support for Brazilian Portuguese.

Release 4.9 (Build 120723)

Release 4.8 (Build 120330)

Release 4.71 (Build 120109)

Release 4.7 (Build 110906)

Release 4.61 (Build 110722)

Release 4.6 (Build 110708)

Release 4.5 (Build 110316)

Release 4.4 (Build 101207)

Release 4.3 (Build 101011)

Release 4.2 (Build 100920)

Release 4.1 (Build 100322)

Release 4.0 (Build 100222)

Release 3.96 (Build 090825)

This version adds preliminary support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Full support will be added when the new operating system has matured.

Release 3.95 (Build 090729)

TinkerTool has been split into two parts, one for operating versions prior to Mac OS X 10.4 „Tiger“, one for 10.4 and later versions. The release for older systems has the version number 3.95 and is called „TinkerTool Classic“.

Release 3.94 (Build 090609)

This release adds support for Safari 4 for Tiger and Safari 4 for Leopard.

Release 3.93 (Build 081209)

This is a minor maintenance update which does not add any new features.

Release 3.92 (Build 081110)

Release 3.91 (Build 080917)

By user request, access to some lost preference settings of iTunes 8 has been added:

These settings are available for users of Mac OS X Leopard only.

Release 3.9 (Build 080529)

Release 3.8a (Build 080213)

Release 3.8 (Build 071107)

Release 3.7d (Build 070906)

This new build of version 3.7 adds a Brazilian-Portuguese language package. Users of 3.7 only need to upgrade if they like to use the software in Portuguese.

Release 3.7c (Build 070823)

This new build of version 3.7 adds a Russian language package. Users of 3.7 only need to upgrade if they like to use the software in Russian.

Release 3.7b (Build 070620)

This new build of version 3.7 adds a Dutch language package. Users of 3.7 only need to upgrade if they like to use the software in Dutch.

Release 3.7a (Build 070602)

This new build of version 3.7 reinstates the Japanese language package and corrects some typos in the French user interface. In all other aspects the application is identical to version 3.7. Users of 3.7 only need to upgrade if they like to use the software in French or Japanese.

Release 3.7 (Build 070423)

This new build of version 3.7 comes with additional French and Polish language packages.

Volunteers for the translation of TinkerTool 3.7 are welcome, especially for Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Release 3.7 (Build 070416)

Release 3.61

Added a Polish user interface.

Release 3.6

Release 3.5

Release 3.4

Release 3.3c

The Italian language package been updated. In all other aspects the application is identical to version 3.3.

Release 3.3b

The language packages for Finnish, French, Swedish and Traditional Chinese have been updated. The window layout has been optimized. In all other aspects the application is identical to version 3.3.

Release 3.3a

A Japanese language package has been added. In all other aspects the application is identical to version 3.3.

Release 3.3

Release 3.21

Release 3.2

Release 3.1

Release 3.01

Release 3.0

The following new settings are available for Mac OS X Jaguar:

Release 2.32

Release 2.31

The preference pane package of TinkerTool 2.3 had been released in 10.2 format which caused it to appear as folder in Mac OS X 10.1. Because 10.1 remains the primary platform of TinkerTool, this problem was corrected and the package format was downgraded to 10.1.More controls are disabled when running TinkerTool in Jaguar.

Release 2.3

The TinkerTool Jaguar Developer Edition has been merged with the full version, which now can be used both on Mac OS X 10.1 (any build) and Mac OS X 10.2.
Note that the first release of Mac OS X 10.2 (known as build 6C115a) is a bit immature. Unfortunately, Apple decided to ship this system as 10.2 even though many functions do not work as advertized. We hope that Apple will publish an update for 10.2 shortly after the official release date (August 24, 2002). If this is the case, the next version of TinkerTool (which will support preference settings of Jaguar more specifically) can be expected to come out four weeks after the release of a Jaguar build with higher product quality.The preference setting that controlled the smoothing of fixed-width fonts in Cocoa has been removed because it did no longer have an effect in recently released versions of Mac OS X 10.1.x.

Release 2.2b

Language packages for Russian and Ukrainian have been added. The software itself has not been changed.

Note: To use TinkerTool in Russian or Ukrainian, you'll have to enable support for those languages in Mac OS X. See for more information.

Release 2.2a

Language packages for Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish have been added. Partial support for Icelandic has been reactivated.

Release 2.2

This is a minor update which addresses very specific installation problems on some systems. It does not add any new settings.

Release 2.11

This is a maintenance update which fixes an issue on machines that have been updated from Mac OS X 10.1.2 to Mac OS X 10.1.3: Under certain conditions, the modified multi-monitor features of 10.1.3 could cause a problem in TinkerTool's detection of the main display which resulted in the Desktop background settings to have no effect. This bug has been fixed.

Release 2.1

Release 2.02

Release 2.01

Release 2.0

Release 2.0 Preview Edition

TinkerTool has now become a module for the System Preferences application. The Preview Edition is targeted at early beta testers having access to Mac OS X 10.1 preview releases. The feature set is subject to change until the official version of Mac OS X 10.1 is released.

Release 1.52

Release 1.51

The tool was adapted to work correctly with future versions of Mac OS X. Release 1.51 is the last version of TinkerTool that is compatible with Mac OS X 10.0. Future updates will work on Mac OS X 10.1 or later only.

Release 1.5

Release 1.4

Release 1.32b

Release 1.32a

Release 1.32

Release 1.31a

Added Italian language package

Release 1.31

Release 1.3

Release 1.2b

Added Japanese language package.

Release 1.2a

Added Italian and French language package.

Release 1.2

Release 1.1.2

Developed workaround for bug in Mac OS X Core Graphics: Under rare conditions, TinkerTool could set the gamma correction to zero which resulted in a black screen when starting the application. This bug has been fixed. The maintenance release will automatically repair corrupt screen settings and does multiple security checks to avoid the problem.

NOTE: If you used an older version of TinkerTool and have the "black screen" problem, you can easily repair the tool by deleting the file "de.bresink.system.tinkertool" in your Library/Preferences folder.If you start TinkerTool for the first time, you should avoid that a Classic application which comes with its own color calibration or gamma correction tool has already run in the same login session. In this case, log out, then log in again and start TinkerTool without running Classic first.

Release 1.1

Release 1.0

First public version.