PrefEdit App

PrefEditPrefEdit App was a special version of PrefEdit, designed to be compliant with the regulations found in the Mac App Store.

Apple is about to establish technical functions in OS X that actively prevent programs like PrefEdit App from working correctly. In addition, it is their opinion that this type of App has  become too powerful to be sold in their stores. For this reason, PrefEdit App had to be removed from the Mac App Store and development of the special App edition had to be ceased.

We recommend customers who had purchased a license for PrefEdit App and have become a victim of Apple's policy, to upgrade to PrefEdit.

As of release 3.5 or later, affected customers can upgrade from any version of the application PrefEdit App to the full version of PrefEdit at no cost. The only requirement is that you'll have to keep the licensed copy of PrefEdit App on your computer. The license of PrefEdit App will then be interpreted as additional license also valid for PrefEdit and automatically unlocks both programs. This makes sure you can continue to use the latest versions of PrefEdit without any hassle. There are no further legitimation checks or re-purchase steps necessary. The additional license for PrefEdit is provided to you as a courtesy. Detailed information is available in the reference manual of PrefEdit.

Important Notes

PrefEdit App is not fully compatible with preview or beta versions of OS X Yosemite. We officially advise against using the App with OS X 10.10 or later. The full version of PrefEdit is not affected by this limitation.