System Monitor

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues for this product.

Release Notes

Statistics for outgoing network data traffic may not work for specific combinations of macOS version and Ethernet chips: The “write” activity indicator, as well as the “outgoing packages” statistics value for certain Ethernet ports used in specific Macintosh models may not work with all versions of macOS. In such a case, System Monitor shows no write activity or zero packages for the affected network interface, respectively. For example, the “Aquantia Aqtion 113” driver of macOS 13.3 is affected by this problem. It is used by the 10 GBit/s port of the Apple Studio.

Workaround: This is a known defect of specific Apple network interface drivers. There is no workaround as waiting for a correctly working version of macOS. You should send a bug report to Apple that the network interface statistics are failing for your Macintosh model and your version of macOS.

Monitor items might be placed behind the camera notch of the 18th generation MacBook Pro or may be shown incorrectly when they exceed the notch: If you have configured many monitoring items with a total width that overlaps the position of the camera notch for any of the MacBook Pro models released in October 2021, some items may be shown behind the notch so that their indicators in the menu bar become invisible. When items are wider than the notch or become positioned left to the notch, macOS may show them incorrectly, without content or with wrong widths.

Workaround: This is a known defect of all versions of macOS 12.0. Update to macOS 12.1 or later to fix this problem.