Full software, not an App!

Full software, not an App! Definitely not available on the App Store

Software products branded with our badge shown above identify applications which are too powerful to be sold on Apple's Mac® App Store℠.

Such a program is fully featured and does not fall under the restrictions imposed on “Apps”. The design of the application is oriented at user friendliness and carefully weighs the demands of professional customers against the skills of home users who are not interested in technical details.


Software branded with this badge offers the following advantages:

  • The application has not been censored by the Mac App Store. It offers a complete, non-restricted feature set.
  • The application can be installed on computers in high-security environments which are not connected to the Internet.
  • You can purchase licenses for the application in any country.
  • You can be sure that the application will remain operational for an unlimited time, independent of the lifetime of the Mac App Store, and independent of the country you may be moving to.
  • If you need to run an older operating system for some reason and our software supported this OS version at that time, registered customers will still have access to historic, compatible copies of our software, even when using systems prior to OS X 10.8.
  • Updates for the application can be published without delay if this should be necessary. A quick reaction on external events, e.g. maintaining compatibility with third-party software, legal changes, Internet threats, etc. is possible.