TinkerTool 4

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues for this product.

Release Notes

A defect of OS X Mountain Lion can cause your user account to lose some or all login item settings when applications change such settings: Current versions of OS X Mountain Lion are affected by a technical defect which can cause your personal login item settings to be damaged when any application other than System Preferences is changing a login item setting and the operating system is restarted after that. The new setting might be ignored, the affected login item might be removed, or even all login items might disappear. This affects all applications different from System Preferences, including Apple's own OS X components, like the Dock. Because TinkerTool is capable of handling login items, it is also affected by this problem.

Workaround: If you used TinkerTool or any other application to change one or more login items on OS X Mountain Lion, always perform the following steps after that before you restart the operating system:

  1. Launch System Preferences.
  2. Go to Users & Groups.
  3. Select the tab item Login Items.
  4. Verify that all login items are set as intended and quit System Preferences.

If you already have lost some login item settings, TinkerTool can help you to restore them in case the login items had been established before you used TinkerTool for the first time:

  1. Launch TinkerTool.
  2. Select the tab item Reset.
  3. Press the button Reset to pre-TinkerTool state. This will automatically restore all your login items as they were at the time when you started to use TinkerTool. NOTE: This step will also reset all the other “pro” settings you may have changed using TinkerTool.
  4. Launch System Preferences as mentioned in the previous paragraph to review your login item settings.

If you have a backup copy of the files of your user account, you can also recover all your login items by restoring the file


to your personal home folder. Also don't forget to review the items with System Preferences after that step to ensure that OS X is not immediately losing them again.

We made Apple aware of this problem and hope they will fix it in future versions of OS X.