Using the Menu-Bar Display (macOS Sierra or later only)

Enabling the menu-bar display

By setting a check mark at the option Show battery status in menu bar on the tab item Menu Bar of the Preferences window, you can add an optional battery display to the right side of the menu bar of macOS. This status item of Battery Monitor can be used as an alternative to the original battery icon of macOS. It provides a slightly different set of features and brings back the possibility to indicate the estimated remaining runtime in the menu.

If you like to show the percentage value for charge level next to the battery icon, also set a check mark at Show percentage.

Preferences for the Menu Bar
Preferences for the Menu Bar

Although the basic battery icon used by Battery Monitor looks very similar to the original version used by macOS, the detail behavior of icon and menu will differ. Battery Monitor does not try to copy Apple’s functions:

When the battery is running on reserve power, the icon will switch to a red bar indicator. Battery Monitor needs to be running to show its icon in the menu bar. The display in the Dock cannot be removed while the App is active.

The charge level indicated in the menu bar also respects your current preference to either indicate the true physical level or the user-oriented fake value.

Choosing a position for the menu-bar display

You can set a preferred position for the battery icon in the menu bar. This position will automatically be remembered the next time you are launching Battery Monitor. You can set any position at the right side of the menu bar between the menu of the current front application and the icon of Notification Center. To set a new position,

  1. hold down ,
  2. drag the battery icon to the desired location in the menu bar, and
  3. release the key.

Removing the menu-bar icon

You can remove the optional battery icon from the menu bar by modifying your preferences:

  1. Select the menu item Battery Monitor > Preferences … or press the key combination ⌘ + ,.
  2. Switch to the tab item Menu Bar.
  3. Remove the check mark at Show battery status in the menu bar.

You can also remove the icon by dragging it out of the bar:

  1. Hold down .
  2. Drag the battery icon from the menu bar some distance away until a close marker appears.
  3. Release the key.

The original battery icon of macOS can be removed the same way.

Using the menu of the battery icon

By clicking the battery icon, you can open its attached menu. It provides several additional status indicators and can be used to select several functions quickly.

Several features are available in the menu
Several features are available in the menu