Autostart App Check

Autostart App CheckAutostart App Check is a free utility that allows you to test whether applications you like to use with Autostarter are indeed native macOS programs that support the required features.

Autostarter can launch programs with all their windows hidden. Unfortunately, some apps on the market aren't “real” macOS applications, but rather JavaScript Web Apps that run in a window of an otherwise invisible web browser, for example. Those constructions may not respond correctly to the window control commands sent by macOS, which means they will not work as expected with Autostarter. Autostart App Check can verify this in advance: You can send the commands

  • hide,
  • unhide,
  • launch hidden

to any application on your computer. If this works as expected, you will know that the tested app will also work fine with Autostarter.

Autostart App Check is electronically distributed software. You can download the product free of charge.