How can I find out if my system might be affected by a cache-related problem?

TinkerTool System can assist you in identifying problems related to application-related cache files. The disadvantages of cache-cleaning can be avoided if possible. Perform the following steps:

  1. Find a way to reliably reproduce the problem the system is experiencing.
  2. Open the pane Caches.
  3. Select the tab item Application-Related Caches.
  4. Set check marks for all cache categories which could cause the problem.
  5. Click the button Deactivate selected caches.
  6. Let TinkerTool System restart the login session or computer.
  7. Log in as the same user as before.
  8. Try to reproduce the problem identified in step (1).
  9. If the problem has been resolved, click the button Discard previous caches. If the problem can still be reproduced, click the button Restore previous caches and follow instructions.

Further information: The Pane Caches.