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TinkerTool System 5

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TinkerTool System 5 Version History

Version 5.99 S2 (Supplemental Update 2, Build 190614)

Version 5.99 S1 (Supplemental Update 1, Build 190327)

Version 5.99 (Build 190123)

Version 5.98 (Build 181123)

Version 5.97 (Build 181002)

Version 5.96 (Build 180829)

Version 5.95 (Build 180808)

Version 5.94 (Build 180618)

Version 5.93 (Build 180508)

This is a maintenance update which fixes a problem where the application did not show Time Machine backup snapshots with some versions of macOS if the backup was stored on a file server.

Version 5.92 (Build 180417)

Version 5.91 (Build 180227)

Version 5.9 (Build 180123)

Version 5.85 (Build 171227)

Because Apple does not fix several critical defects and design flaws in the macOS user interface for the authorization of privileged operations, TinkerTool System switches to a redesigned security architecture. As in classic versions of Mac OS X, it is now necessary to launch the application in the login session of an administrative user account (which is the default setup for Macs) if privileged operations should be used. Fast User Switching can be used to operate the application while using other user accounts.

Version 5.81 (Build 171129)

This version responds to a very critical security flaw found in current versions of macOS High Sierra. TinkerTool System will automatically detect upon each start whether system security has been compromised on your Mac as result of this issue. If this is the case, the application will automatically direct you to a web page with instructions from Apple that can be used as a workaround.

Version 5.8 (Build 171113)

Version 5.71 (Build 171010)

This is a maintenance update reacting to the latest changes in macOS High Sierra. It is not required for customers using macOS Sierra.

Version 5.7 (Build 170925)

Version 5.63 (Build 170823)

Version 5.62 (Build 170728)

This is a maintenance update, fixing an issue where the table for IPv6 support could sometimes show incorrect network interface names or could cause the tab item Network on the pane System to crash.

Version 5.61 (Build 170726)

Version 5.6 (Build 170630)

Version 5.5 (Build 170523)

Version 5.4 (Build 170424)

Version 5.3 (Build 170222)

Version 5.21 (Build 170130)

Version 5.2 (Build 161212)

Version 5.1 (Build 161018)

Version 5.0 (Build 160920)

Version 4.9 (Build 160912)

Version 4.81 (Build 160831)

Version 4.8 (Build 160823)

Version 4.7 (Build 160720)

Version 4.6 (Build 160518)

Version 4.52 (Build 160404)

Version 4.51 (Build 160229)

This is a maintenance update which doesn’t change core functionality.

Version 4.5 (Build 160120)

Version 4.4 (Build 151030)

Version 4.31 (Build 150925)

Version 4.3 (Build 150818)

Version 4.2 (Build 150702)

Version 4.12 (Build 150518)

This is an optional maintenance update, of interest only for certain groups of users.

Version 4.11 (Build 150417)

Version 4.1 (Build 150206)

Version 4.02 (Build 141209)

Version 4.01 (Build 141024)

This is a maintenance update which fixes minor issues in conjunction with the first official version of OS X Yosemite:

Version 4.0 (Build 141016)

TinkerTool System 4 requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later. It is a paid upgrade for users who purchased a license for TinkerTool System Release 2 before July 1, 2013. TinkerTool System Release 2 remains available and can be used on the operating systems Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), Mac OS X Lion (10.7), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), and OS X Mavericks (10.9).

Version 4.0 (Build 141016) is a pilot release to give early adopters of OS X Yosemite the chance to use TinkerTool System already. Because Apple did not disclose all necessary documentation on Yosemite at this early time, this version only contains context help, but not the complete 180-page reference manual.

Version 4 focuses back on the operating system itself. All features related to third-party software or external applications have been removed. The only exception are functions for programs which had been part of OS X in the past, such as Adobe® Flash® Player or Xcode.

TinkerTool System 4 begins a new product line. The section above lists changes in comparison to TinkerTool System Release 2 version 3.4. For more information about the version history of TinkerTool System Release 2, please see the respective application of Release 2.