Working with Speech Output

The monitor application can optionally use acoustical speech output to announce readings. You can select between two different modes of operation:

In both cases, speech output will read out all sensor values that have been activated in the table below. Selecting the desired sensors is done by the Speech mode buttons in the pane Speech of the preferences window. By checking the field Speak sensor names, not only the readings but also the sensor locations will be announced, as you have defined them in the Sensors pane.

Hardware Monitor Preferences: Speech
Hardware Monitor Preferences: Speech

Values will be read out without any units.

To define which are the talking sensors, use the table in the lower half of the window. The table can be used the same way as discussed earlier.

You should avoid to set the time interval for speech output too short or the number of talking sensors too high. In these cases, the next announcement might begin while the current speech output is not finished yet. Speech output will continuously interrupt itself and you won’t be able to understand anything.

Voice selection

You can control the type of voice and the speed as follows:

  1. Open the application System Preferences.
  2. Navigate to the preference pane Dictation & Speech.
  3. Select the tab item Text to Speech.
  4. Choose your preferred voice with the pop-up button at System Voice and the speed with the slider Speaking Rate. The button Play can be used to test your current settings.

It is recommended to use the menu item Customize‚Ķ of the System Voice pop-up button to select one of the voices for your primary language and to activate high-quality speech mode. High-quality output requires an additional download which is available for free from Apple. Hardware Monitor automatically tries to find the “best” voice from your list of available voices which matches the language in which the application is currently running.

Disabling or enabling speech output completely

If desired, speech output can be completely disabled or enabled without having to change individual speech settings. When launching the monitor application for the first time, speech output will be disabled by default. You can change this using the Monitor menu: