Hardware Monitor Remote

End-of-Life Notice: Hardware Monitor is no longer in development (Why?)

Function principle

Hardware Monitor Remote runs a monitoring and data acquisition service on a Macintosh computer. After installing the application, the computer can be monitored remotely via the network by Hardware Monitor. The following picture shows the basic setup:

Remote Monitoring


  • Start and stop the remote monitoring service by an easily usable control window.
  • The monitoring service is perfectly integrated into macOS and runs in the background. No user has to be logged in.
  • A TCP network connection will be created on a configurable port number. IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.
  • Automatic service advertisement via Bonjour allows clients to locate the service and connect to it with a few mouse clicks.
  • Specify in what time intervals SMART temperature sensors should be accessed, in order not to disturb sleep mode of hard drives.
  • Import definitions of artificial operating system sensors from Hardware Monitor to allow remote monitoring of these probes, too.
  • Control external LCD display units to monitor "headless" systems that don't have a display screen connected. No user has to be logged in.
  • Let the monitoring service launch automatically during startup of the operating system if desired.