Version History

Release 4.3 (Build 210519)

Release 4.2 (Build 210503)

Release 4.1 (Build 210428)

Release 4.0 (Build 210427)

Release 3.3 (Build 210223)

Release 3.2 (Build 201208)

This is a maintenance update which fixes a problem where the menu-bar part of the application could unexpectedly quit or restart automatically if one of the “top 5” options was active for process or memory monitoring.

Release 3.1 (Build 201202)

Release 3.0 (Build 201109)

Release 2.8 (Build 200511)

Release 2.7 (Build 191216)

This version fixes an issue where the contents of the APFS overview window might not have updated automatically when the user modified the APFS configuration while the window was open.

Release 2.6 (Build 191015)

Release 2.5 (Build 180912)

Release 2.4 (Build 180717)

Release 2.3 (Build 180226)

Release 2.2 (Build 171229)

This version adds changes necessary to maintain full compatibility with the new iMac Pro.

Release 2.1 (Build 171011)

This version fixes a problem where error codes of failing temperature sensors could become visible on the user interface (as readings higher than 124°C/255°F). In case of sensor problems, the App now automatically switches over to a replacement sensor, as in previous versions.

Release 2.0 (Build 170915)

Release 1.73 (Build 170724)

Fixes a problem where parts of the disk storage menu could fail when the App was configured to monitor a removable disk drive with no media inserted.

Release 1.72 (Build 170704)

Added support for future operating systems. In particular, this will resolve problems where the mapping between disks and their hosted volumes could not always be presented completely or only slowly for specific partitioning schemes.

Release 1.71 (Build 170317)

Corrected a problem with the feature to take over settings from the Trial version where the data transfer could run more than once under specific circumstances.

Release 1.7 (Build 161221)

Release 1.63 (Build 160818)

Release 1.62 (Build 160726)

Fixed a possible layout problem in the network menu when monitoring an interface with only IPv6 but no IPv4 addresses.

Release 1.61 (Build 160720)

Fixed a memory leak in the network address monitor which could cause the App to consume more memory than necessary.

Release 1.6 (Build 160714)

Release 1.5 (Build 151030)

This version ensures full compatibility with the latest versions of OS X. The terminology to describe the usage of memory adapts to the one of the running operating system if desired.

Release 1.42 (Build 141001)

Release 1.41 (Build 140804)

This version fixes a rare problem where the control window of the App could unexpectantly close when waking the system from sleep mode with Mac OS X 10.7 or OS X 10.8.

Release 1.4 (Build 140610)

Release 1.3 (Build 130506)

Release 1.21 (Build 120402)

This is a maintenance update which enhances network monitoring behavior on systems where complex changes regarding network environment or network hardware occur at runtime.

Release 1.2 (Build 120210)

Release 1.1 (Build 110411)

Release 1.0 (Build 110228)

First official version of System Monitor.