Using the Application

What is Mac Power Monitor?

Mac Power Monitor is a graphical, easy-to-use interface for the energy and power measuring features of macOS. A large number of statistical evaluations can be retrieved:

The data can either be recorded live at a rate of 1 measurement per second, or as a one-shot operation with any adjustable duration of 1 millisecond or higher.

After an administrator has approved it once with a password, the program can be used by all users of a computer without requiring administrative rights or entering passwords.

The program automatically adapts its interface and the respective statistics, depending on whether you are working with Intel or Apple processors.

On Macs with Apple Silicon, the summary window is designed to resemble the display of Timothy Liu’s well-known asitop command-line utility. However, Mac Power Monitor provides many more functions and avoids certain errors.

System Requirements

To use Mac Power Monitor, you need an Apple computer which has one of the following operating systems installed:

It is recommended to update macOS to the latest version which is available from Apple. This can be done using the Automatic Software Update feature of the operating system.