Working with Panes from TinkerTool

After you have integrated a copy of TinkerTool into TinkerTool System, you can work with any of the panes of TinkerTool directly from the System application, so you no longer have to start both programs separately to access their full feature set.

Panes of TinkerTool give you access to advanced preference settings built into macOS which are not visible in the standard System Preferences application or in the preferences windows of applications, like Safari. To change one of these advanced preference settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Select one of the additional panes shown in the section User Settings for… in the control window of TinkerTool System.
  2. Change the settings using the buttons in the pane that has opened.
  3. Read the line in the lower left corner of the pane to learn when the changes will take effect.