Important Release Notes

Apple’s approval feature for the use of security components in macOS 13 is very immature and can cause Backup Server Control to refuse operation: With macOS 13 Ventura, applications that establish additional security by running privilege separation tools will be included in the list of login items in System Settings although they never act as such. Among many other technical issues, Apple incorrectly indicates that these tools represent an always-running background service, which is wrong. The security component that establishes privilege separation is running only while the associated main program is open. In addition, System Settings only lists the affected application’s vendor (in this case: “Marcel Bresink”), not the actual name of the application, which can be very misleading. If confused users disable this setting, the application will be blocked.

Workaround: We have notified Apple of this bug and hope it will be fixed in future versions of macOS. Please make sure that the setting Marcel Bresink is always set to the on position in System Settings > General > Login Items > Allow in Background.