TinkerTool System 4

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TinkerTool System 4 Screenshots

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Caches: Application-related Caches Info: System Information
Deactivate application-related caches without needing to clean them (here: OS X Yosemite, limited in OS X El Capitan) Show details of the computer hardware not visible in the System Information program of OS X.
Diagnostics: Evaluate RAM Size Login: Screen Saver
Evaluate if the RAM size of your computer is appropriate for its workload. Set preferences for the screen saver of the login screen.
Legacy Features: Code Thinning Files: Link
Old applications supporting multiple processor types can be “thinned” to support modern Macs only. (Legacy feature, available for OS X Yosemite only) Create links as alternatives to classic aliases.
Applications: Security Check Clean Up: Hidden Support Files
Check the integrity and security assessment for any native OS X application on your system. Remove hidden auxiliary files if you don't need them.
Languages Languages: Delete selected packages
Remove language support packages from OS X or from third-party applications. All language packages are analyzed thoroughly before anything will be deleted.
ACL Permissions: Show or Set Permissions ACL Permissions: Show or Set Permissions - Customized Permissions
The true permission settings of any file system object can be displayed and modified. By using Access Control Lists (ACLs), OS X can specify exact rights in detail.
ACL Permissions: Effective Permissions System: Spotlight
Let TinkerTool System determine what exact rights a user has for a certain file. Control the Spotlight subsystem of OS X and its index databases in detail.
User: Repair User: Info
Resolve problems with specific applications by a single mouse click. Get advanced information about user accounts.

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