License Types

Prices in other currencies

You can pay in 40 different currencies. To display the price for a particular currency, go to the order page and select the desired currency using the pop-up button in the upper right corner. After you have specified the country of delivery, the final price with all taxes will be displayed.

If you have a European VAT identification number outside of Germany, you will be able to buy tax-free.

Placing an order in other languages

Simply select the language on the order page, using the pop-up button in the upper left corner.

Detailed notes on the order and delivery procedure

Frequently asked questions on orders and delivery are answered on our detailed information page.

Paying by check

You can also send a written order by postal mail or telefax to our sales partner Digital River, and pay by check. Detailed instructions are available via the menu item Help > Purchase Registration Key in the application.

Printed Invoice

When ordering via Internet, Digital River will create a valid commercial invoice immediately after your order was placed. You will receive it as a PDF document which can be printed easily.

TinkerTool System 4: Buying licenses

Try before Buy

You can download the application TinkerTool System 4 free of charge. This allows you to evaluate the software to see if it suits your needs.

If you like the software and want to keep it, you will have to place an order for the number of usage licenses you require. You will receive the requested number of registrations from the software reseller. Each registration allows you to unlock the software to fully utilize it. Standard registrations for single licenses are per computer, while personal use on an additional second computer is tolerated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Software packages published on June 1, 2016 or later are required for this registration. You can use the registration with TinkerTool System 4 version 4.6 or later.

Technology Guarantee

Licenses for TinkerTool System 4 are identical to licenses for TinkerTool System 5. This means if you decide to upgrade to macOS 10.13 High Sierra later, you can at the same time upgrade to TinkerTool System 5 at no cost. Your license simply continues to work. There is no purchase or re-registration required.

Prices and Placing Orders

Registrations can be ordered via our global distribution partner MyCommerce Digital River. Please see the notes below.

Type of license Suggested retail price
outside the EU (US Dollar)
Get definite price info
Single license, 1 unit $ 14.00 Order page
Single licenses, 10 to 19 units $ 9.33 Order page
Single licenses, 20 or more units $ 7.00 Order page
Standard Upgrade of single license from TinkerTool System Release 2 to version 4
(A valid Registration Name and Registration Key for Release 2 is required when unlocking the application! Only for customers who ordered R2 before July 1, 2013 or after October 16, 2014.)
$ 7.00 Order page
Upgrade of single license from TinkerTool System Release 2 to version 4,
for customers who ordered Release 2 between July 1, 2013 and October 16, 2014.
$ 0.00 automatic

Usage on an unlimited number of computers at an organization's site (“site license”)

$ 249.00 Order page

Usage on an unlimited number of computers by a single organization (“global license”)

$ 498.00 Order page
Upgrade of a site license from TinkerTool System Release 2 to version 4
(Site license for TinkerTool System Release 2 required)
$ 125.00 Order page
Upgrade of a global license from TinkerTool System Release 2 to version 4
(Global license for TinkerTool System Release 2 required)
$ 249.00 Order page

Prices refer to manufacturer's suggested retail price outside the European Union. Delivery is free of charge. For binding quotations with your national currency and taxes, open the page of the software dealer MyCommerce Digital River.

Your order is processed using secure, SSL-encrypted communication. If you like to get more details about the purchase process, delivery, pricing and your rights before placing an order, please see our detailed information page.

Payment Options

You can select between 40 different currencies and the following payment options:

Our information page has the exact details for each of these payment options.

Delivery and Product Activation

Registrations are always delivered electronically. You can download them immediately from the web page of Digital River after your payment has been confirmed. An additional copy is sent to you by email. To confirm legitimate use of the registration file, an additional activation step is required when installing the file on each computer. This step requires an Internet connection. No personal data is submitted to us in this procedure.

Cancellation, Withdrawal, Returns, Refunds

You can test and evaluate the software —which is the actual product— thoroughly before placing an order. For this reason we have to assume that an order is binding after you have decided to purchase a usage license and the associated registration.

In compliance with the consumer rights in the European Union, specified by EU Directive 2011/83/EU, you are granted the option for withdrawal of the order in the period between the purchase and the final delivery of the registration data to you. After that data has been provided, however, the right of withdrawal is extinguished, because the registration belongs to a group of products not suitable for return shipment. The software dealer makes you aware of this circumstance by a withdrawal right waiver, and the purchase cannot be completed without confirming that you have received notification of this regulation.

Returning a registration after delivery is therefore not possible. Your rights of cancellation in case of product deficiencies remain unaffected of course.