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Information for users who moved from TinkerTool System Release 2

The development of TinkerTool System 4 as a new application (and not as update to TinkerTool System Release 2) was necessary because Apple has significantly changed several aspects of OS X and its terminology in the past five years. This also had consequences on the user interface. Although the new application tries to make the switch between TinkerTool System Release 2 and TinkerTool System 4 as smooth as possible, the locations of some features on the panes and their names had to change. If you have upgraded and you are searching for missing functions, please use the table below to find their new positions within the program.

Comparison of feature locations
Old Location New Location
Maintenance > Periodic Tasks Legacy Features > Periodic Tasks
Maintenance > Permissions removed, because functionality of Disk Utility should not be duplicated here
System Issues temporarily removed to give Apple a chance to resolve issues with Yosemite
Diagnostics > Check File Copy Operations Diagnostics > Test Finder Copy
Files > Library removed, because superseded by the View options of the Finder for the home folder
International Languages
Applications > Code Thinning Legacy Features > Code Thinning
Applications > Bound Documents removed, because necessary system functions deprecated in OS X Yosemite
System > Spotlight > Spotlight Support removed, because Spotlight support is necessary for certain core OS features
System > Network > MTU for network interfaces removed, because superseded by advanced manual Hardware options on Network pane in System Preferences
System > Miscellaneous > Permission Filter System > Permissions (not supported in early versions of Yosemite)
System > Startup > Options > Startup Mode: Safe Mode removed, because OS X 10.10 does not permit TinkerTool System 4 to disable this option in Safe Mode
System > Startup > Chime removed, because not supported by Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later
System > Login > Window/Screen System > Login > Display Style
System > Login > Background removed, because not supported by Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later

All items not listed have kept their original locations and names.

For additional notes why certain functions had to be modified or removed, please also see the chapter Version History, subsection Version 4.0.