The Pane Emergency Tool

Introduction to the standalone utility

Under critical circumstances, your installation of macOS could be damaged by a disk drive failure or by a third-party application which used administrative permissions in such a way that the operating system is no longer starting correctly or does not start at all. When you cannot work with the graphical user interface any longer, utility programs like TinkerTool System also can no longer be of any help to resolve this problem.

Similarly, macOS might still be running, but an important system component which is needed by TinkerTool System could be damaged. Even if TinkerTool System is capable of repairing this failing component during normal operation, this will not help in this particular case, because you might not be able to launch TinkerTool System due to the damage.

However, TinkerTool System offers a solution which can help you even in those two critical cases. You can choose to install a special helper program for case of emergency: a standalone version of TinkerTool System which is capable of running in a minimal environment of macOS even without a graphical user interface. This emergency tool is called TinkerTool System Standalone Utility.

Note that you have to install this standalone version of TinkerTool System precautionary, before a critical system problem occurs. When your system is already suffering from a severe technical problem, it might be too late for an installation, because macOS might then no longer be capable of performing all necessary steps correctly.

Installing the Standalone Version

Installing the emergency tool is possible with a few mouse clicks only. Perform the following steps:

  1. Open the pane Emergency Tool of the section System Maintenance.
  2. Press the button Install Utility. (After updating TinkerTool System to a new version, this button might also be labeled as Update Utility.)
Emergency Tool
Emergency Tool

Removing the Standalone Version

If you should decide for some reason to remove the standalone application from your computer, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the pane Emergency Tool of the section System Maintenance. The status message The standalone utility is currently installed. will be shown in the lower left corner.
  2. Press the button Remove Utility.

Using the Standalone Version

The standalone version can be used in so-called single user mode of macOS only. Detailed information on this topic can be found in the chapter Working with the Standalone Version of TinkerTool System.