TinkerTool System 2

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TinkerTool System Release 2 Screenshots

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Caches: Application-related Caches System Issues: Locked Volumes
Deactivate application-related caches without needing to clean them. Solve problems with locked disks by a single mouse click.
Diagnostics: Evaluate RAM Size Diagnostics: Check File Copy Operations
Evaluate if the RAM size of your computer is appropriate for its workload. Verify if the Mac OS X Finder is performing file copy operations correctly.
Info: System Information - Show Management Records Files: Link
Let TinkerTool System analyze the System Management records describing the hardware. Create links as alternatives to classic aliases.
File: Quarantine Clean Up: Hidden Support Files
Display and remove quarantine information from downloaded files. Remove hidden auxiliary files if you don't need them.
International International: Delete selected packages
Remove language support packages from Mac OS X or from third-party applications. All language packages are analyzed thoroughly before anything will be deleted.
Applications: Code Thinning Applications: Code Thinning - Architecture Details
Applications can be cleaned from unnecessary code support if a gain is to be expected. The complete list of CPU architectures supported by Mac OS X can be fine-tuned.
ACL Permissions: Show or Set Permissions ACL Permissions: Show or Set Permissions - Customized Permissions
The true permission settings of any file system object can be displayed and modified. By using Access Control Lists (ACLs), Mac OS X can specify exact rights in detail.
ACL Permissions: Effective Permissions System: Spotlight
Let TinkerTool System determine what exact rights a user has for a certain file. Control the Spotlight subsystem of Mac OS X and its index databases in detail. (Disabling Spotlight only possible with Snow Leopard)
Login: Background User: Internet Privacy
Change the background image of the login screen without needing to replace any files (Snow Leopard only). Protect your privacy by removing data left by Internet browsers and the Flash® player.
User: Repair User: Info
Repair typical failures of Mac OS X components by simply pressing a button. Get advanced information about user accounts.

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