Hardware Monitor

Hardware Monitor Screenshots

The following screenshots give you an impression on typical work with the application. Click on a picture to display it in full size.

Sensor Overview System Information Window
The complete sensor list of a computer can be displayed with current readings and permissible limits. Hardware details for each sensor are available. Not only sensor readings but other details about the hardware can be displayed as well.
System Management Information Drive Overview
On Intel-based Macintosh systems, browsing the system management database is possible. The drive overview window showing details and the S.M.A.R.T. status of each drive.
Xserve Hard Drive Monitoring Smart Battery Information
When using an Xserve with Mac OS X Server, additional diagnostic data for the drive modules is available. On portable computers, information about each battery unit can be displayed. The windows shows an example for a battery compliant with the Smart Battery Standard.
History Window History and Extreme Values
History data can be visualized for time intervals between 12 minutes and 1 week. It is also possible to determine extreme values and have them displayed in the history graphs.
Preferences Screen Display Menu Bar Output
Numerous preference settings are available to configure the different output channels of the application after your own taste. Sensors can be selected and reordered with simple drag-and-drop operations. If desired, readings can also be displayed in the menu-bar of Mac OS X. A space preserving "Lite" version of the application which is designed to run in the menu-bar only is part of the download package.
Sensor Presentation Preferences Artificial Sensors (Probes)
Individual labels and display options can be configured for each single sensor. This includes professional network setups which use central private folders located on a file server: A user can define consistent "views" on particular computers even when "roaming" between different machines in the network. Not only "real" sensors can be accessed, artificial sensors can be created, too. They can be used to monitor status information and readings about the operating system.
Alphanumeric LC Display LCD Configuration Settings
Alphanumeric LC displays of certain types and vendors can be controlled by the application. The configuration of such LCD modules requires a few mouse clicks only.