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Size 7.3 MB
Version 5.3 (Build 160511)
Released May 12, 2016
Kind OS X Disk Image (DMG)


How to Download

If you need additional technical support for transferring the software to your computer, further help is available on a detailed information page.

Download Hardware Monitor

You can download the application Hardware Monitor at no charge. This allows you to evaluate the software to see if it suits your needs. During the test phase, only the following restrictions apply:

If you like the software and want to keep it you will have to place an order for the number of usage licenses you require. We then will send you the requested number of product keys which allows you to unlock the software to fully utilize it.

Distributing the software without prior written permission is prohibited.

Security Information

To verify that the download package is authentic and has not been altered by a third party, you can verify its SHA1 checksum.

The SHA1 checksum for the current version of the download file is 54aa27ea3d71a97644fdc842d035798324f32a76.