Version History

Release 5.6 (Build 190617)

The application was repackaged to remain compatible with future versions of Apple Gatekeeper.

Release 5.55 (Build 180411)

Added new user interface to the product activation feature in order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU Regulation 2016/679).

Release 5.54 (Build 170907)

Release 5.5 (Build 170316)

Release 5.4 (Build 161128)

Release 5.31 (Build 160518)

This update is not necessary for existing customers.

Added new registration features for licensing with immediate gratification and volume licensing.

Release 5.3 (Build 160511)

Release 5.2 (Build 160122)

Release 5.1 (Build 160114)

Release 5.0 (Build 151130)

Release 4.99 (Build 150903)

Release 4.98 (Build 141219)

Due to changes in European legislation on value added tax, the application had to be re-released with modified pricing information. Current customers don’t need to update.

Release 4.98 (Build 140616)

Release 4.97 (Build 130715)

The software has been re-released with a few packaging changes. The program itself did not change.

Release 4.97 Second edition (Build 130403)

Release 4.96 (Build 120712)

Important: Due to changes imposed by Apple’s “Gatekeeper” feature, the security component of the application works slightly different. If you are using one or more of our following system utilities in addition to Hardware Monitor Remote, you should update them all in parallel in order to avoid mutual conflicts: NFS Manager, Sync Checker, TinkerTool System Release 2. For detailed information, please see the chapter Release Notes in the reference manual.

Release 4.95 (Build 110907)

Release 4.94 (Build 110314)

Release 4.93 (Build 101216)

Release 4.92 (Build 100908)

Note: Version 4.92 introduces a change not fully compatible with network clients running versions prior to 4.92. It is recommended to update all clients to Hardware Monitor 4.92 first before updating Hardware Monitor Remote to 4.92.

Release 4.9 (Build 100419)

Release 4.85 (Build 100208)

Release 4.8 (Build 090918)

Release 4.7 (Build 090324)

Release 4.6 (Build 090126)

Release 4.51 (Build 080623)

This is a maintenance update which reacts to recent developments in Mac OS X Leopard and fixes minor problems.

Release 4.5 (Build 080312)

Release 4.4 (Build 080212)

Release 4.3 (Build 071024)

Release 4.2 (Build 070619)

Release 4.1 (Build 070104)

Release 4.0 (Build 061108)

Release 3.95 (Build 061010)

Release 3.9 (Build 060918)

Release 3.8 (Build 060825)

Note: Users of Intel-based Macintosh systems should run Hardware Monitor 3.8 before using Hardware Monitor Remote 3.8. This makes sure an up-to-date version of the driver necessary to access internals of Intel processors is installed.

Release 3.7 (Build 060618)

Release 3.6 (Build 060504)

By request of many interested customers, this update is published earlier than initially intended. You only need to update from 3.5 if you like to use one of the following modifications:

Release 3.5 (Build 060426)

Release 3.4 (Build 060302)

Added support for new Macintosh systems which use the “smart battery” industry standard. Production dates and serial numbers of “smart” battery units can be monitored remotely.

Release 3.3 (Build 060216)

Release 3.2 (Build 051125)

Release 3.1 (Build 051109)

Release 3.01 (Build 050908)

3.01 is a maintenance update which only affects a small minority of users. If you are using release 3.0 with a Mac OS X system not among the problematic cases outlined below, it is neither necessary nor beneficial to download version 3.01.

Release 3.0 (Build 050822)

First official version of Hardware Monitor Remote. Note that the first release has version number 3.0 to correspond with the matching version of Hardware Monitor.