Using the Software

What is Hardware Monitor Remote?

Feature Overview

The program Hardware Monitor Remote is an add-on to the program Hardware Monitor for the macOS operating system.

Hardware Monitor Remote allows you to use a hardware monitoring service on a remote Macintosh system. Other computers can contact this system via your local area network to receive readings from all available hardware sensors. This includes the following sensor types if the system is equipped with them:

Hardware Monitor can fully analyze your computer and will show exactly which sensors are available.

Moreover, the applications can display additional technical data. Among other information this includes:

The picture shows the basic setup.

Basic Setup
Basic Setup

Hardware Monitor allows you to monitor the computer it is running on in the standard configuration. Hardware Monitor Remote extends its capabilities to monitor additional computers in the network as well. You can connect to an unlimited number of computer simultaneously and monitor them all from a single workstation. (In practice, the actual number may be limited by the speed of your network.) Of course you can also use several monitoring stations to receive data from an arbitrary number of other computers.

In the following example, 4 computers are running Hardware Monitor Remote while 2 are running Hardware Monitor. Note that one of the system is running both applications at the same time. The arrows indicate in which direction the sensor readouts are being transferred.

Example network with 5 computers
Example network with 5 computers

You will need one registration code (“license to use”) for each computer that is monitored simultaneously. In the example above, 5 (not 6) registration codes are needed (under the assumption, all 5 computers are running at the same time).

This reference manual contains detailed information about registering and unlocking Hardware Monitor Remote. For additional information about the features of Hardware Monitor, please see the reference manual of Hardware Monitor.

Compatibility with other products of the monitoring application suite

Hardware Monitor Remote is part of an application suite of 4 different programs. The following table shows which products are compatible with the remote monitoring service:

Feature table for all products of the Hardware Monitor product line
Application can connect to Hardware Monitor Remote Remarks
Hardware Monitor yes
Hardware Monitor Lite yes configure remote link with Hardware Monitor
hwmonitor command-line version no use remote login via SSH instead
Hardware Monitor Remote not applicable

To guarantee smooth operation, it is recommended to let only application versions with the same release numbers communicate with each other. This means if you are running Hardware Monitor Remote version 5.5, you should use Hardware Monitor 5.5 to make a network connection to the monitored computer.

Compatible operating systems and computers

To use Hardware Monitor Remote, you need an Apple computer released by Apple before November 2016 which has one of the following operating systems installed:

It is recommended to update macOS to the latest version which is available from Apple. This can be done using the Automatic Software Update feature of the operating system.

Computers not manufactured by Apple, Apple-branded computers which don’t officially support the aforementioned operating systems, or Mac model series released after November 2016 cannot be used with Hardware Monitor Remote.