Sharing Data

You can share data on your computer with other computers on the network using NFS. The other computers will then be able to access the files according to NFS standards. Perform the following steps for setup:

  1. Select the menu item Configuration > Add New NFS Share. You can also click the icon New Share in the toolbar of the control window.
  2. A new share entry has been prepared in the table of shared folders. Click the button Select… at Folder to share to select the folder which you like to share with users of other computers.
  3. If the new share should not appear as a read-only disk to other computers, remove the checkmark at Share “read only”.
  4. Set the other sharing options as desired. The complete set of options will be displayed after clicking the button Show advanced options.
  5. Click the button Apply.

If NFS Manager or macOS are detecting contradictions in the security settings for shared folders you will be informed about the problem. When correctly configured, all authorized computers in the network can access the shared files via the NFS protocol.

Further information: Sharing Data via NFS