Temporary Connection to an NFS Server

It is possible to make a temporary connection to an NFS server if you like. Please note however, that NFS technology has not been designed for this kind of use. Perform the following steps:

  1. Select the menu item Configuration > Mount NFS Share Manually…. Alternatively you can click on the icon Manual Mount in the toolbar of an open configuration window.
  2. Use the buttons at Mode to select if the connection should be made for all users or for you only.
  3. Enter the DNS name or the IP address of the server to which a connection should be made into the field NFS Server. If you know that the server advertises its NFS services to the local network via Bonjour, you can also click the button Select… and choose the server from a list.
  4. Enter the desired path of the NFS share into the field Share Path. If you don’t know the name, you can display a list of all shares of the selected server after clicking the button Select….
  5. Enter the Unix path of the folder where you like the server data to appear into the field Mount Point. You can also navigate to this folder by clicking the Select… button.
  6. If you know that special options are necessary to successfully connect to the server, click the button Show advanced options. Additional settings can be configured in a dialog sheet.
  7. Click the button Mount.

macOS will try to establish the connection. Upon success, the Finder will display the share as a network disk. The files shared by the server will appear in the selected folder.

Further information: Making a Temporary Connection to an NFS server