Tasks and Solutions

Testing an NFS Server in the Network

You can verify if a computer in the network can be reached from your computer, whether it offers NFS services, and if yes, in which form. For technical reasons, this check can only be performed via IPv4, not via IPv6. Perform the following steps:

  1. Select the menu item Configuration > Test NFS Server…. You can alternatively click on the icon Test server in the toolbar of an open configuration window.
  2. Enter the DNS name or the IPv4 address of the computer to check into the field NFS server. Press the button Test.
  3. A window with the results of the test will open. The upper half of the window contains a matrix showing which NFS versions and which transport protocols are supported by the selected computer. The lower half displays which RPC services relevant for NFS are available on which ports.

If no results appear, macOS will be unable to contact the selected computer. In this case you’ll have to wait until macOS cancels the contact operation.

Further information: Test an NFS Server in the Network