Advanced Configuration Tasks

Configuring a Remote Computer

NFS Manager can be used to access the Open Directory data of a remote computer over the network. This makes it possible to configure the automount entries of a macOS computer remotely.

Perform the following steps to open a control window for a remote computer:

  1. Click on the icon New Remote Window in the toolbar of any open control window, or select the menu item File > New remote window, or press the key combination ⌘ + ⇧ + N. The panel Remote Open Directory Connection will appear.
  2. Enter the IP address or the DNS name of the remote computer into the field Address.
  3. Enter the User Name of an administrator of the remote Open Directory server. It is recommended to use the short name of the user account with matching case.
  4. Enter the password of the respective administrator into the field Password and click Connect.

The connection will be established. macOS may need several seconds to do this. If the credentials are correct, a new control window will appear, displaying the NFS configuration of the remote computer. Please note that only configuration topics will be displayed for which remote configuration is technically possible. The name of the affected computer is shown in the title bar and in the lower left corner.